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Pursuit model, Design Discovery & Delivery

Key takeaways

  • MVP will alleviate 8 of 20 identified pain points

  • Literature review 5 research papers

  • Spoke with over 25 people across business and medical specialists

  • Survey to 360 consumers

Customer challenge

A leading private health insurer is wanting to transition out of being a reactive claims based business into a proactive preventative health partner by providing more personalised experiences for it’s existing and potential consumer base, with the aim of reducing consumer friction and helping them to achieve better health outcomes faster.

We were asked to take their vision and define what a personalised experience could look like across all their products and services and create a tangible pathway to delivery. Some challenges were that the brief was very broad and was to include products and services where a large number were still in concept stage and not fully defined along with existing roadmaps and priorities that spanned multiple business units and stakeholders.

Our approach

We ran an 8 week Pursuit & Discovery whereby in the first week we’d got alignment from all stakeholders on their personalisation north star, and prioritised what we would focus on for the Discovery.

We used a micro to macro approach to research and identify a slither of value that could be delivered to customers, while in conjunction informing our view of what a personalised experience across all their products and services could look like. We looked at existing research that they had conducted over the past year, combined that with a literature review of five research papers and conducted a survey to 360 people to help guide our decision to focus on a specific customer concern – preventing skin cancer.

We analysed their technology stack, data structure and various data capturing tools to assess what was technically feasible. As well as engaging with over 25 people across the business, we also spoke with skin cancer practitioners and later on consumers after we created wireframes. We outlined key user journeys and features required to support those journeys, which we then turned into a roadmap to delivery across 3 phases.

Outcomes and Results

As we went through we identified the core components that underpin creating meaningful personalised experiences for digital health services, that being: Understanding the concerns, motivations, expectations and influences that contribute to making a decision; the journey to building trustworthiness and eventually trust; and the exchange of value between consumer information and product outputs. From the above research we created a number of core foundational principles and models they could use and apply for all future products and services to align to.

Additionally, we identified that in order for the client to achieve it’s north star it would mean fundamentally transforming the way their business interacts with their customers. We researched a number of models of care and tailored a model to their context. We built out the flows and screens for the skin cancer prevention tool and currently we’re in delivery of MVP which will allow the client to capture and store consumer data following best practice, allow them to serve dynamic personalised content and the ability for consumers to find the right specialist and easily contact them.