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Building better citizen services.


Gen AI in education:
No stuffing the cat
back in the bag

What the TEQSA review of artificial intelligence action plans means for universities, institutes and colleges.

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Our public sector capabilities

Cloud transformation

We know hyper-scalers' platforms like they're our own, whether it's AWS, Google, Microsoft, we've executed record-breaking migrations and driven cutting-edge implementations in these cloud environments.

Digital service delivery

Building digital capabilities to improve personalisation. Driving cost efficiency and enhancing government service delivery with modern capabilities and flexible, resilient infrastructure.

AI-augmented government

The AI conversation has turned from experimentation and application to optimisation. Laying solid foundations is key to ensuring AI investments can scale rapidly and cost effectively to achieve optimal outcomes.

Managed services

Supporting critical and highly regulated workloads for thousands of users across multiple countries in sectors spanning retail, property, mining, education, government, healthcare and finance.

Responsible AI

Unlock the potential of AI while mitigating potential risks. Combine cutting-edge tools, industry best practice, and tailored strategies that empower businesses to navigate upcoming regulation and optimise the advantages of AI.

Security and cyber resilience

Reducing the cost and overhead of building secure and resilient applications and services for government departments which meet compliance requirements (IRAP and Essential 8).


Why interoperability in our healthcare system needs to happen today

Interoperability plays a pivotal role in transitioning care from traditional hospital settings to more cost-effective out-of-hospital and in-home care settings. Significant opportunities exist for acute care and primary care providers to automate data exchange to smooth coordination of care and communicate treatment outcomes back to hospitals to support more comprehensive care management.

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We know platforms like they’re our own

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