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With specialist expertise across all major cloud vendors, we can help your business adopt or enhance your ability to serve your customers and your business through cloud. We help you identify, plan, build and deploy the right fit cloud technologies rapidly and securely based on your business priorities.

Our capabilities

We also help enable your team to make the transition to a more modern and scalable way of working. We develop IP from hundreds of cloud adoption projects that that leverages automation to drive scale, flexibility and efficiency. Our projects are focused on delivering the best ROI to ensure a valuable adoption journey. Our expertise across applications, infrastructure and data will help you drive a faster time to market for products, create a better customer experience, and gain greater efficiency and compliance using the best technologies the major hyperscalers have to offer.

Cloud Excellence

Cloud Excellence underpins all of our cloud focused consultancy services through foundation patterns and developing & supporting businesses with best-practice cloud platforms.

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Operating Model​
  • Cloud Operations Integration Processes (OI)​
  • Cloud Cost Optimisation

Cloud Adoption

Migrating from on-prem to the cloud is essential in transforming IT operations, achieving digital transformation, and growing in today’s ever-changing environment.

  • Migration business case
  • Cloud migrations and modernisation at scale
  • Database consolidation and migration
  • End User Compute at scale design and build projects

Application Transformation

Address your ever-evolving business requirements by modernising with cloud native technology. Our team of cloud modernisation specialists work with you from the assessment stage, through full project build and delivery using the best fit cloud native technology that will enable you to achieve the business benefits of using the leading public cloud providers.

  • Modernisation assessments
  • Container platforms
  • Serverless architecture
  • .NET, Microsoft and Java modernisation


Uncover meaningful, actionable insights from your data and drive effective decision-making by modernising your on-premise data solutions into purpose-built, automated cloud data platforms powered by the leading public cloud providers.

  • Cloud platform data modernisation
  • Data platform architecture and build
  • Data warehouse migration
  • Business intelligence and Smart Analytics

Managed Services

Ensuring your business operations are secured, reliable and monitored around the clock 24*7 by using our team of cloud SRE specialists. Our team’s continuous improvement focus will help you enhance your Cloud environment to meet security compliance and business challenges.

  • Managed cloud platforms
  • Managed Data solutions
  • Managed End User compute (EUC)
  • DevOps as a Service

Cloud Security

Increase business agility by integrating security early and continuously through design, automation and continuous assurance processes.

  • Cloud security design and build
  • Security governance, Data protection privacy and resilience
  • Application security and DevSecOps
  • Identity and Access Management


We work with the best technology partners to deliver exceptional results for your business.

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