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How we work

We work a little different here at Mantel Group and we think everyone should!

Mantel Group is built on a principle-based approach that guides who we are and how we work. Our core principles shape our decision-making and inspire our team to collaborate effectively and authentically.

Some of our choices at Mantel Group

We foster consistency, trust, and collaboration between team members and clients. By working together with shared purpose and clear expectations, we’ve built a culture of nearly 1000 people that thrives on freedom and empowers everyone to achieve their best work.

Expectations and feedback culture instead of performance reviews

Principles based instead of rules based

Non-negotiable culture commitment instead of unpleasant colleagues

Individual experience and support instead of one size fits all

Fast decisions instead of decision paralysis

Flat structure instead of hierarchies

Destination hubs instead of pre-COVID offices

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Interested in joining a team of amazing people? We’re made up technologists, consultants, and professionals across engineering, finance, people and culture and client engagement.

We do things differently

Our approach to problem-solving is what sets us apart. Our Team of Teams methodology brings together specialists from a variety of fields to solve any challenge. We combine the best of people and technology to get the best results.