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Data Consulting

Need support with data strategy, ideation and best practice? Our specialist Data Consulting team will help you get there.

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No matter where you stand in your data journey, Mantel Group can help you understand your data and provide practical data solutions that drive real business results.

Crafting the perfect data and analytics plan for your business can be a real challenge. Without the right tools and support, it’s easy to run into roadblocks.

At Mantel Group, our team consists of Australia’s leading experts in Data and Analytics, and we’re here to share our decades of knowledge with you through our consulting services.

Whether you’re dealing with complicated data setups, scattered information, governance issues, security worries, or limited resources, we understand the struggles of getting your data strategy off the ground.

Walk before you run:

Getting smart with Gen AI

Cut through the Gen AI noise.
Insights to master Gen AI implementation.

Our Capabilities

We can help you turn complex data sets across your organisation into purposeful and continuous insight to enable timely business decisioning. We work with the best talent in the market and integrate seamlessly into your business and technology teams to enable progressive solutions using future proof tools and technology to suit your needs.

Data Platforms

We’re experts in designing and building modern data platforms that enable data-driven insights to organisations and teams. We implement robust and automated data pipelines that run seamlessly to ensure you have the most important data readily available.

  • Ingestion and Transport
  • Storage and Transformation
  • Analysis and Output
  • Data Management

Data Analytics and AI

We help organisations integrate Advanced Analytics into their day-to-day operations to be better equipped in using their data to drive decision-making, automate business processes, and drive insights throughout their teams. For example, embedding Machine Learning Operations into their normal business execution can elevate their ability to be proactive and responsive across their business to maximise the experience, optimise core business processes and drive efficiency in business operations.

  • Machine Learning and ML Ops
  • Advanced Analytics and Data Science
  • Governance and Ethics

Data Insights

Data is an essential asset in any organisation, but it’s only as valuable as the ability to comprehend it and make informed decisions with it. We are hyper-focused on using cutting edge tools and technologies to create the insights and business intelligence portals that provide you the most useful data understanding for your business to thrive.

  • Data Visualisation and Reporting
  • Data User Experience and Design
  • Data Collection, preparation and Integration
  • Consulting and Training

Data Management

Our approach to data management is unique, we break the mold from a typical strategy with lengthy reports, focusing on the fast path to business value.
Making decisions based on gut feelings is a practice of the past. We empower you to reach this level of business maturity, and lay the foundation for a business that won’t just survive, but will thrive.

  • Data Management Architecture and Design
  • Capability Enablement and Culture
  • Ways of working and Tooling
  • Process enablement, upskilling and automation

Strategy and Transformation

We identify how Data & AI enables business goals, incorporate people and processes into the technology and data, and design efficient user-centric solutions that drive tangible business value. This enables your organisation to make smart investment decisions by identifying opportunities, focusing resources and prioritising the highest impact use cases and initiatives.

  • Data and AI strategy
  • Data Maturity Assessment and Uplift
  • Use Case Roadmap, Tooling and Vendor Selection
  • Operating Model Design

Data Products

We also invested ahead of the curve. We have been at the forefront of advanced analytics day one. So we have the IP and accelerators to bring to the table to help you get ahead of the curve fast.

  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • User Complaints Analysis
  • PII Detection and Redaction
  • Call Transcript Summarisation


We work with the best technology partners to deliver exceptional results for your business.

How We Work

Step 1


To initiate the process, a comprehensive understanding of your current data environment, business aspirations, and existing infrastructure will be established. This involves auditing the data quality, identifying any potential gaps or issues, and pinpointing your specific objectives, such as enhancing decision-making processes, gaining deeper customer insights, or augmenting operational efficiency. The output of this phase will be a thorough report that includes a data audit and a clear comprehension of your organisation’s goals.

Step 2

Strategy & Design

The next stage comprises the formulation of a strategic plan and the design of tailored solutions. This includes creating a data architecture design, defining key performance indicators (KPIs), selecting suitable technologies, and outlining data governance, privacy, and security measures. This phase also involves planning for data integration, transformation, and analytics, along with defining processes for data collection, storage, processing, and analysis. The culmination of this stage will be a comprehensive data strategy and a blueprint for its implementation.

Step 3


In this execution stage, the strategies and solutions designed will be put into action. This involves establishing the data infrastructure, integrating and cleansing the data, creating and deploying data models, setting up analytics tools, and ensuring seamless operations. This phase also includes training your team to efficiently use the tools and accurately interpret the data.The output of this phase will be a robust data-driven organisation that is equipped to derive value from its data.

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Our approach to problem-solving is what sets us apart. Our Team of Teams methodology brings together specialists from a variety of fields to solve any challenge. We combine the best of people and technology to get the best results.

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