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Data Strategy & Transformation

With the accelerated pace AI is revolutionising the way we do business, it is more important than ever to have a clear Data & AI Strategy. We consider Strategy as part of a Transformation. Being agile and pragmatic, we offer Data & AI strategy in modules; think big, start small, learn fast. We believe in end-to-end solutions through iterative design and delivery.

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Data Strategy

In an increasingly data-driven world, a robust data strategy is key to organisational success. At Mantel Group, we pride ourselves in creating customised and fit-for-purpose data strategies for our diverse clients. Our comprehensive Data strategy offering covers people, process, and technology components; and depending on where our clients are at with their data journey, we take a decoupled approach, and identify an appropriate starting point.

AI/ML Strategy

Data is the key to unlocking value from AI, and harnessing the power of AI and ML are the key to staying ahead – at Mantel Group, we built our strategy offering with exactly that in mind. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping every client individually on their AI/ML adoption journey. We specialise in tailoring strategies to specific needs, with a particular focus on ensuring that clients can fast track value from AI/ML agile and responsible.

Use case roadmap

Concepts and frameworks that exist solely on paper aren’t our thing! We understand that a successful data strategy is not just a lofty vision; for us at Mantel Group it’s most and foremost a well-designed and executable plan. Our expertise extends to rapidly develop high value and feasible use case roadmaps that reflect the most impactful data use cases for your business.

Data & MLOps

The key to Machine Learning is accuracy, but ML Engineering makes sure that the lock actually opens a door. We provide a suite of frameworks and patterns that let data science teams build, train, and deploy models at scale with less effort and at a lower cost. Our ML Engineers work closely with Data Scientists to ensure that the characteristics of a model during development are maintained as it is deployed and scaled. Our ML Engineers also work closely with Data Engineers and Cloud Engineers to ensure that your platforms and processes support the unique requirements of machine learning software and enable Data Scientists to do what they do best.

Architecture & tooling

Crafting a sustainable data architecture and selecting the optimal tools for your organisation are pivotal steps in your data journey. Our technical experts specialise in designing tailored architectures that integrate seamlessly with your business needs. We have the capability to guide you through the process of assessing your requirements, evaluating market leading tools, and architecting a robust data environment that enables innovation and efficiency.

Maturity uplift

The breadth of expertise across Mantel Group, allows us to cover every aspect of your data journey. We partner with you to define a future-proof operating model, including the design and activation of a robust data governance framework. We help you to uplift your in-house data capability and conduct a current state assessment to help you identify gaps in your data maturity. We also provide the required change support to ensure your teams are equipped with the skills needed to excel as a data-driven organisation.

ML Maturity Framework

Every organisation has different levels of maturity when it comes to how they run ML projects and maintain ML models. Our ML Maturity Framework defines basic, intermediate, and comprehensive levels of ML maturity across seven key pillars: Development & Deployment, Data Governance, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Security, People & Operating Model, and Ethics. We are able to quickly compare your organisation against these, identify your current maturity and present a prioritised roadmap to reach the next level. We can then work with you to deliver this roadmap, ensuring you get the most out of your ML models.


If you need an integrated proof of concept for an ML solution to one of your business problems, our ML Engineering team is perfectly placed to help.

We work with you to understand your business case, and can identify models (spanning both the open source community and commercial offerings) to build a solution quickly.

Our experience deploying production ML systems means we are able to ensure the PoC focuses on the parts that need to be proven, and derisks your investment in a production solution.

We can then advise on which components will benefit the most from custom models trained by Data Scientists, ensuring a smooth runway beyond PoC to an operational product.

Monetisation & Business case

At Mantel Group, we always strive to translate data into tangible business value. Our experienced team can support you in crafting compelling business cases that clearly highlight the return on investment and showcase the true potential of your data investments. We work closely with you to justify your data-driven initiatives and create a robust business case that aligns with your strategic objectives.

Program delivery

Iterative design and delivery is an approach we value deeply, which is why we offer end-to-end program delivery – from initial strategy development to implementation, and embedding change into the business. We collaborate closely with our clients to define impactful objectives, design high value use case roadmaps, and ultimately ensure data initiatives are delivered on time and within budget. While we adapt our delivery approach as we see fit, we embrace agile delivery and seek to deliver value early and often.

As a result of our work with Mantel Group we now have a holistic data strategy. As a small NGO, we have really appreciated how this data strategy is tailored to our context, and provided a phased approach and roadmap which is realistic for us to achieve.

Rachel GreenCEO, SANE Australia

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