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Taking a design-led, human approach to technology engineered solutions.

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Step 1


In the initial phase, we conduct thorough research encompassing your company, customers, competition, technological infrastructure, business processes, and organisational needs. Through stakeholder interviews, customer surveys, data analysis, and a keen evaluation of your business, we’ll develop user personas, customer journey mapping, and a comprehensive report outlining your current IT state. The ultimate goal is to identify gaps & opportunities, and align strategic business goals, ensuring a seamless integration of technological advancements and enhanced customer experiences.

Step 2


Building on insights from the discovery phase, we craft a customised tech transformation roadmap, strategically selecting technologies, methodologies, and strategies aligned with your business objectives. We’ll also focus on enhancing the CX through ideation, concept development, and the incorporation of new touchpoints, processes, and technologies. Employing design thinking principles and user-centered design techniques, we prototype, test, and refine innovations in collaboration with your team, fostering innovation and ensuring an intuitive, engaging, and valuable customer experience.

Step 3


The ultimate phase entails implementing the new CX design into your live business environment, incorporating new touchpoints and processes. Simultaneously, we provide essential training, change management, and support structures for your team to effectively deliver the enhanced customer experience. Upon implementation, ongoing performance evaluations and adjustments are conducted to guarantee continuous improvement and optimisation, delivering the highest level of efficiency and productivity for your organisation.

Our Capabilities

Our specialist teams at Mantel Group have expertise across end-to-end digital services that incorporate design, advisory, delivery and engineering.

Customer Experience Design

We focus on all the possible interactions a customer might have with your business, not just those within a digital channel. This holistic approach when coupled with a deep understanding of your business processes can help you understand your customer through a lens that balances both customer and business needs through both digital and non-digital channels.

  • Customer Research
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Service Design Blueprints

Product Design

A digital product isn’t just a great user interface, it encapsulates the offering to your customer and the rich experience around it. We work with you to define products that leverage research and are built on a foundation of business metrics to provide an experience that is not only delightful, beautiful and seamless, but solves for customer needs and business objectives.

  • Product Discovery
  • Design Sprints
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design

Digital Strategy and
Advisory Services

We work with you to look at the big picture and get a strategic perspective to align your business processes, technology, and methods with your business goals and opportunities.

  • Technology Strategy & Advisory
  • Asset and Team Maturity Assessment
  • Technology Organisation Design
  • Portfolio Management
    and Delivery Advisory

Discovery and Project Inception

We provide you with a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, technology challenges, and the effort required to bring it to life, so you can evaluate the desirability, feasibility and viability of your solution.

  • Product Roadmap
  • Technology Architecture
  • Delivery team structures
  • Delivery Roadmap

Product Engineering & Delivery

We provide modern software delivery and engineering practices to help you deliver your digital solutions faster. You can rely on us to navigate complex landscapes, find the perfect solution to fit your business needs, remain compliant with applicable standards, and grow with you.

  • Technology and vendor agnostic
  • Web, Native, and Cross Platforms
  • Modern API technologies
    and approaches
  • Emerging Technology including metaverse, blockchain and Web3

Modern Managed Service

Our Managed Service provides 24/7 support for both Applications and Infrastructure across the major cloud platforms, giving you a secure, resilient and dynamic platform environment with rapid response to events if and when they occur.

  • Incident & Problem Management
  • 24/7 Infrastructure
    Management & Support
  • 24/7 Application
    Management & Support
  • Ongoing BAU feature enhancements


We work with the best technology partners to deliver exceptional results for your business.

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