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Digital consulting

Taking a design-led, human approach to technology engineered solutions.

Our specialist teams at Mantel Group have expertise across end-to-end digital services that incorporate design, advisory, delivery and engineering.

Customer experience design

Understand your customers comprehensively across all channels to balance their needs with your business processes.

Segments include:
  • Customer Research
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Service Design Blueprints

Product design

A digital product delivers a rich customer experience, seamlessly solving customer needs and achieving business objectives through research and solid business metrics.

Segments we work with:
  • Product Discovery
  • Design Sprints
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design

Digital strategy & advisory services

Gain a strategic perspective to align your business processes, technology, and methods with your goals and opportunities.

Segments we work with:
  • Technology Strategy & Advisory
  • Asset and Team Maturity Assessment
  • Technology Organisation Design
  • Portfolio Management
  • Delivery Advisory

Discovery & project inception

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, technology challenges, and the effort required to bring your solution to life, evaluating its desirability, feasibility, and viability.

Segments we work with:
  • Product Roadmap
  • Technology Architecture
  • Delivery team structures
  • Delivery Roadmap

Product engineering & delivery

Deliver your digital solutions faster with modern software practices, navigating complex landscapes to find the perfect, compliant solution that fits your business needs and supports growth.

Segments we work with:
  • Technology and vendor agnostic
  • Web, Native, and Cross Platforms
  • Modern API technologies and approaches
  • Emerging Technology including metaverse, blockchain and Web3

Modern Managed Service

Enjoy 24/7 support for applications and infrastructure across major cloud platforms, ensuring a secure, resilient, and dynamic environment with rapid response to any events.

Segments we work with:
  • Incident & Problem Management
  • 24/7 Infrastructure
  • Management & Support
  • 24/7 Application
  • Management & Support
  • Ongoing BAU feature enhancements

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