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Discovery and
Project Inception

Giving you a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, technology challenges, and the effort required to bring it to life, so you can evaluate the desirability, feasibility and viability of your solution.

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Achieve a valuable outcome faster.

Help you go from initial concept to delivery of their product in only 6 weeks.

Help you go from discovery to delivering an MVP in production in just 6 months.

What we do

We bring a structured hypothesis-driven method to understand and prioritise effort to quickly build and refine what is most valuable to you and your business. We also combine it with our methods and tools to help you bring speed and agility to your technical solution definition and project inception.

Leading up to product engineering and delivery, we work closely with our clients to first obtain a better understanding of exactly what is required.

Based on the maturity of your requirements, we can either complete a lightweight discovery to firm up our understanding of the ask, determine the effort to build your product features and form a view of an initial high level delivery plan and deliverables before we start delivery.

Product Runway

Product Runway, our solution definition and delivery planning capability, allows you to properly understand the feasibility & viability of the product by gaining a deeper understanding of not only the technology challenges but also the effort required and the cost involved to bring this to market.

Before you engage your development team to
start building, you need to understand:

  1. How will your product work?
  2. How will we align the business on product functionality?
  3. How are you going to build it?
  4. What technology stack are you going to use?
  5. How long will it take to bring your MVP to market?
  6. How much will it cost you to build it?

Through a series of workshops, our Product Runway accelerator brings speed and agility to your solution definition process. Product Runway provides clarity on what to build, how to build it, the delivery approach, dependencies, risks as well as the investment required to start delivery of your product with greater confidence.

Our experience and methods provide you with clarity of scope, timeframes and budget to start the delivery of your product / feature sooner and with greater confidence.

Our breadth of technical knowledge and expertise provide you with greater certainty that you build the right solution in the right way.

We’re unique in that we can leverage specialty skills end-to-end in Design, Lean Agile Delivery, Engineering, Cloud, Data, AI and ML.

Discovery and Inception

Where mature requirements do not exist, we can complete an upfront Discovery and Inception phase . Through rounds of rapid prototyping and validation, we work to design your experience and solution with confidence, and provide a clear and tangible roadmap for the future.

To ensure that we’re building the right solution we first ensure we’re solving the right problem. To do this we work to get a better understanding of your customers, their current experiences, pains, and needs to ensure we have full context of the current state. This gives us the grounding we need to help define and refine the customer value proposition and validate whether the proposed solution will address their needs and create the market-leading experience we’re trying to drive. Taken together, these outcomes influence the overall target state experience we’re working towards. With our target set, we can determine what the minimal viable experience will be and also what would create value for your customers.

We are able to combine rapid prototyping and validation sprints with our Product Runway accelerator to help bring speed and agility to your technical solution definition and delivery planning process. We take a phased approach with the level of detail and certainty increasing as we move through each phase. We are able to tailor the objectives depending on the level of certainty required.

Through each stage of the technical solution design process we dive deeper to create a shared understanding of your solution, the technology involved and the delivery methodology which will increase confidence and reduce your risk. Each stage incrementally realises benefits and helps to achieve your solutions’ key objectives.

"They demonstrated a shared commitment to purpose from the outset of the project. This cultural alignment combined with the depth of experience across all of their brands, led to the creation of something awesome that really showed off their skills. We are really proud of our new product and what we have been able to achieve through our partnership."

Jonathon MilneEnergy Made Easy | Director

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