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Banks poised to lead generative AI innovation; cloud adoption accelerates

Banks have a longer breath to sit out the generative artificial intelligence innovation phase using their strong balance sheets, which gives them a strategic advantage.

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Our banking and financial services capabilities

Financial crime

The ability of AI to recognise patterns at scale makes it highly suitable for detecting and responding to financial crime. The abuse of AI by bad actors has already started, but AI is also part of the solution.

Data insights & governance

Effectively governed data is key to personalising customer experiences and improving operational performance.

Modernisation of services

Integrated services and uplifting legacy systems unlocks new service offerings and growth opportunities.

Continuous compliance monitoring & reporting

Clear and accurate insights into financial and operational delivery performance are critical for highly regulated sectors.

Security & automated controls assurance

Security and trust will always be a top priority for financial services, highlighting the need for constant enhancements to data governance and security.

Open banking

Open data mandates are extending to new sectors such as insurance and healthcare. Banks, meanwhile, are looking to leverage the open data economy to add value.

Cloud migration

Migrating on-premises applications to the cloud offers efficiency gains and risk advantages. However, this new value chain requires a different approach to cyber and data resilience.

Mobile platforms

Creating richer customer experiences with convenient, agile solutions.

Leading customer experiences

Investing in innovation to bring new competitive products to market at pace.

Improving operations and customer experience with AI

Customer expectations are testing the limits of financial services legacy platforms.

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