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As the financial industry grapples with the complexities of combating money laundering and financial crimes, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers unprecedented opportunities for innovation and efficiency when it comes to detecting financial crime.

Mantel Group has been working closely with Google Cloud and our customers on ways to bring AI technology to the forefront of combatting financial crime and how the industry is changing and embracing AI technology. As part of our collaborative approach, we co-hosted an in-person session together with Google Cloud in Sydney, covering such topics as:

  • The transformative impact of AI on anti-money laundering operations, highlighting how AI can enhance detection accuracy, streamline compliance, and reduce operational costs.

  • The complexities and challenges of integrating AI into financial crime prevention.

  • A roadmap for navigating challenges in implementing AI solutions, including ethical, data privacy, integration and regulatory challenges.

We had 53 attendees from multiple leading financial organisations, prompting some incredibly insightful discussions. To hear more about our event, or how we’re working together with Google Cloud to combat financial crime, speak to one of our Google Cloud experts today.

Connect with the award winning Google Cloud experts

Simon Poulton

Partner, Google Cloud

Troy Bebee

Partner, Google Cloud

Ben Bloomfield

Chief Client Officer