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Defence is the best form of competitive advantage

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We see security as a feature that drives competitive advantage, NOT a function of audit that impedes business agility.

Our capabilities

Supporting clients to build a culture of Security awareness driven through real-time continuous assurance, integrated tooling, preventative controls and well managed business and technology risk.

Advisory and Operations

Our expertise in modern cyber security practices enables us to provide innovative and effective solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We specialise in offering strategy consulting, risk assessments, security training, and operational consulting services.

  • Cyber Strategy
  • Risk Based Assessments and Threat Modelling
  • Security Training and Awareness
  • CISO as a Service

Infrastructure, Cloud and Identity

Our Infrastructure, Cloud and Identity security offerings are designed to help organisations protect their critical assets and data. Providing leading cloud security solutions provide comprehensive protection for cloud environments, including public, private, and hybrid cloud.

  • Cloud Security
  • Resilience and Disaster Recovery
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Zero Trust

Application Security

Our Application Security Services are designed to help organisations identify and remediate security vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle, by shifting security left. Our team of experienced security professionals works closely with development teams to integrate security testing and best practices into the development process, enabling security issues to be identified and addressed before they become more costly and difficult to fix.

  • Security Design, Code Review and Automation
  • Application Security Testing and Engineering
  • Secure SDLC
  • DevSecOps frameworks and methods

Data Security

Our Data Security Services are designed to help organisations protect their data throughout its lifecycle, from identification and classification to ongoing governance and access management. Our end-to-end approach emphasises the importance of understanding data assets, identifying sensitive data, and implementing appropriate controls to protect data from unauthorised access, loss, or theft.

  • Data Governance and Privacy
  • Data classification
  • PII identification and Masking
  • AI/ML security

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) offerings are designed to help organisations manage risk, achieve compliance, and maintain governance processes which can scale with minimal overhead. We specialise in providing comprehensive GRC services that cover privacy advisory and audit readiness, business resilience, and risk management.

  • Privacy advisory
  • Business Resilience
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance and Audit Readiness


We work with the best technology partners to deliver exceptional results for your business.

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