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Data consulting

Leverage the expertise of Australia’s leading data and analytics specialists at Mantel Group to benefit from decades of knowledge through our consulting services.

Cut through the Gen AI noise

  • Ensure people, processes, and governance are in place.
  • How to make the step from MLOps to Gen AI.
  • Prioritise  use cases tailored to your business needs instead of costly, non-scalable POCs.
  • Risks and costs considerations
  • Use a basic playbook to navigate the complexities of Gen AI implementation effectively.

Our data capabilities

Data Platforms

We design and build modern data platforms that deliver data-driven insights. Our robust, automated data pipelines ensure your most important data is always readily available.

Segments include:
  • Ingestion and transport
  • Storage and transformation
  • Analysis and output
  • Data management

Data analytics and AI

We help organisations integrate Advanced Analytics into daily operations, driving decision-making and automating processes. By embedding Machine Learning Operations, we enhance their ability to be proactive, optimize core processes, and improve operational efficiency.

Segments we work with:
  • Machine learning and ML Ops
  • Advanced analytics and data science
  • Governance and ethics

Data insights

Data is only valuable if it can be understood and used for informed decisions. We use cutting-edge tools to create insights and business intelligence portals, providing you with the essential data understanding to help your business thrive.

Segments we work with:
  • Data visualisation and reporting
  • Data user experience and design
  • Data collection, preparation and integration
  • Consulting and training

Data management

Our unique data management approach avoids lengthy reports, focusing on fast paths to business value. We empower you to make informed decisions, laying the foundation for your business to thrive.

Segments we work with:
  • Data management architecture and design
  • Capability enablement and culture
  • Ways of working and tooling
  • Process enablement, upskilling and automation

Strategy and transformation

We identify how Data & AI can achieve your business goals, integrating people and processes with technology. Our user-centric solutions drive tangible value, helping you make smart investments, focus resources, and prioritize high-impact initiatives.

Segments we work with:
  • Data and AI strategy
  • Data maturity assessment and uplift
  • Use case roadmap, tooling and vendor selection
  • Operating model design

Data products

We’ve been at the forefront of advanced analytics from day one, investing early to develop the IP and accelerators that help you quickly stay ahead of the curve.

Segments we work with:
  • Intelligent document processing
  • User complaints analysis
  • PII detection and redaction
  • Call transcript summarisation

Data client success stories

“No matter where you stand in your data journey, Mantel Group can help you understand your data and provide practical data solutions that drive real business results.”

James Hayes

Partner, Data

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