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Discovery and Project Inception

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Months to go from product discovery to complete GTM version

We’ve been able to develop an industry-leading solution that allows us to deliver flexibility, ease and peace of mind to our businesses.


Key Outcomes

  • Accelerated discovery and build phases
  • Iterative UX and UI design in parallel to development
  • Enabled native features for improved customer experience
  • Setup technical app foundations to support future products


We partnered with a fintech company who helps SMEs borrow money to grow their business rapidly, to design and deliver a new mobile experience for their payment product. This included building and deploying a Go-to-Market (GTM) version of the app for both Android and iOS in less than six months. The new app provided their customers the flexibility to manage their purchases without having to solely rely on the existing web portal.

The Challenges

Our clients’ existing product offerings were only available through their website. They recognised that a mobile app offering would be required to enable their customers as they expand their product portfolio. Mantel Group was approached to provide the technical expertise in selecting the right mobile platform and also support design and delivery of the new App.

The Solution

Mantel Group completed a series of upfront discovery and design workshops to rapidly provide our client with clarity on what to build and also how to build it. This, combined with establishing the technical foundation focussing on elements like setting up CI/CD, security and app distribution strategies, allowed us to start delivery of the App with greater confidence.

Using our extensive experience in agile ways of working, we delivered features that support their customers’ purchasing journey iteratively, with fast feedback loops to quickly gain insights on user experience designs.

We developed various components as part of the GTM version. The App was developed using React Native as the mobile technology platform and GraphQL as the orchestrator layer (BFF). We also worked closely with their internal teams responsible for delivering APIs and Azure platform services leveraged for the app.

The Outcomes

Our solution meant that their customers could have a solution designed from the ground up for Mobile, instead of trying to use the desktop app and experience on mobile. Having a mobile app meant that our client could leverage native functionality to make the app more secure and used features such as OTP, notifications and QR codes to improve the customer experience.

Our client didn’t have the architecture and infrastructure to build mobile apps. We helped them build out their technology architecture to support mobile app development, including a build pipeline that means that they can go live with a new release within 3 hours.

Beyond that we demonstrated how you can iteratively refine the UX and UI in parallel to development, and helped improve the way in which they coordinated work across their development teams.

Our client didn’t have the internal capability or capacity to build the App in the timeframes they needed. By engaging with Mantel Group, we were able to accelerate the Discovery and Build phases and bring a development team with the required expertise and capacity across UX Design and technology within a short period of time.