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Product Engineering and Agile Delivery Services

Modern software delivery and engineering practices to help you deliver your digital solutions faster.

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6 months to deliver

Using our accelerators, we have helped our customers go from discovery to delivering a product in 6 months.

We set you up for success by helping you build your own capability to build, run and scale your software solutions built with modern technologies. We uplifted the skills and ways of working within various small and larger clients whilst delivering your products and services, or by delivering tested training programs.

Things we develop


Native Android apps

APIs and microservices

Native iOS apps

Cross platform apps

Tailored training or embedded coaching

What makes us different?

  • Technology is an enabler, not a solution in and of itself. We start with a business problem not a technology solution.
  • To ensure tech vitality in our clients’ organisations, our team continuously explores and learns about new technologies. We bring a perspective, opinion, and a new skill set to market-relevant topics.
  • Our digital solutions use best in class technologies, leveraging the best of our partners and end-to-end capabilities when needed.
  • We bring IP led solution accelerators which codifies repeatable activities or patterns.
  • As part of Mantel Group, when needed, we have access to deep specialisations and scale like no one else in ANZ. We can leverage deep specialty skills across end-to-end in Design, Lean Agile Delivery, Engineering, Cloud, Data, AI and ML.

What we do

You can rely on us to navigate complex landscapes, find the perfect solution to fit your business needs, remain compliant with applicable standards, and grow with you.

Our technical solutions are aligned to your needs for flexibility, scalability, and simplicity. Technology agnostic, we can build digital experiences and APIs and platforms to support them. By balancing the need for immediate feature delivery with longer term viability, we ensure security, quality, and operational considerations are incorporated right from the start.

"They demonstrated a shared commitment to purpose from the outset of the project. This cultural alignment combined with the depth of experience across all of their brands, led to the creation of something awesome that really showed off their skills. We are really proud of our new product and what we have been able to achieve through our partnership."

Jonathon MilneEnergy Made Easy | Director


Delivering projects across a range of markets and frameworks, we take ownership of outcomes to make sure your customers get value.

Our high-performing cross-functional squads include Delivery Leadership and Agile Business Analysts and work either as one squad or scaling to multiple squads as needed. Our goal is to embed client team members wherever possible, so we can adapt to your environment while upskilling your team at the same time.

We use agile tools and principles that adapt to the environment we are working in. To ensure we adapt to the client’s environment and not the other way around, we use the appropriate agile tools for the situation.

Solution Accelerators

Your customers expect more – meet their needs with our Solution Accelerators for rapid application development.

Your customers’ expectations are very high – they know what they want and they know what is possible and this puts immense pressure on you. To create a great customer experience that is resilient and adaptable to change. You often have to deal with a substantial number of business processes, integration with 3rd Parties as well as a diverse range of technologies.

There is an opportunity to not reinvent the wheel and to help reduce common challenges and risks organisations face when adopting new technologies, which is why we have developed our Solution Accelerators.

Coaching + Training

We combine our learnings and deep understanding of both the lean/agile frameworks and methods as well as the modern technologies we adopt to deliver tailored training or embedded coaching to uplift the capability of your team.

In order to create a culture of knowledge sharing and to streamline the handover and transition process, we strongly advocate embedding members of our clients’ teams into our team. Cross-functional teamwork creates a collaborative culture and team members naturally learn from one another to expand their own skill set and knowledge base.

Engineering capabilities

From ASX100 companies to mid-tier companies and government agencies, we deliver cost-effective and fit-for-purpose digital solutions.

Our web development practice includes JavaScript frameworks such as React and Vue.js, as well as other leading frameworks for building websites, such as NuxtJS, NextJS, and GatsbyJS. As a group, our mobile engineering practice has been involved in the development of several high-profile mobile apps. Our team develops native iOS and Android apps, as well as cross platform apps with React Native and Flutter.

We often develop web and mobile experiences that require content management capabilities. We typically leverage a headless CMS such as Prismic and Contentful to author and supply content to the user interface. Our ability to rapidly iterate and improve what we build requires feedback from real-world users on both web and mobile. To understand what works in practice, we take a human centred design consultancy, during the discovery and prototyping stages to align designs to user needs. By doing this, we can deliver real value to your customers.

Our team specialises in design, development and ongoing operation of API-based, microservices architectures that leverage containerisation and cloud native technologies to enable integration with enterprise applications, data and leading SaaS products. Our expertise spans multiple languages, runtimes, and framework ecosystems such as Golang, Java/Kotlin, and Node.js, and we’ll work closely with you to make the best choice for you.

As cloud agnostic consultants, we have experience and expertise across AWS, Azure, and Google cloud providers.

Product Runway Capability

Identifying the next big product or feature for your company is only the start.

Product Runway, our solution definition and delivery planning capability, allows you to properly understand the feasibility & viability of the product by gaining a deeper understanding of not only the technology challenges but also the effort required and the cost involved to bring this to market.

Before you engage your development team to start building, you need to understand:

  • How will your product work?
  • How will we align the business on the specific functionality of the product?
  • How are you going to build it?
  • What technology stack are you going to use?
  • How long will it take to bring your MVP to market?
  • How much will it cost you to build it?

Through a series of workshops, our Product Runway accelerator will bring speed and agility to your solution definition process. Product Runway provides clarity on what to build, how to build it, the delivery approach, dependencies, risks as well as the investment required to start delivery of your product with greater confidence.

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We’re always keen to start new conversations on using technology to impact people in a positive way.

We pursue technologies that change the way our clients do business in the real world. We bring together emerging technologies with creative design and industry understanding to positively impact how your business works.

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