Mantel Group is determined to establish

itself as a technology pioneer across

Australia and New Zealand

Our group of companies are focused on building capability and solutions that are relevant to our customers and help them agitate the norm in new and innovative ways.

Our strategy for growth is clear

We’re focused growing our business, but that doesn’t mean we’ll compromise our core values or mission to ensure engagement with our teams, clients and partners.

While Mantel Group continues to grow organically and through acquisition, our fundamental strategic objectives remain.

  • Develop the strongest culture and employee experience in A/NZ consulting and professional services industries.
  • Foster industry leadership in lean agile operational business processes.
  • Enhance our business profiles to the most prominent Australian brands in each of their respective markets.
  • Create depth of talent with inclusive teams that lead and execute.
  • Engage the market with the most innovative and unique solutions in the technology services industry.
  • Nurture longstanding, collaborative relationships with diverse clients across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Build diversified revenue streams to ensure our organisation’s longterm sustainability.

Meet Our Team

Con Mouzouris

CEO Mantel Group

Michael Bodle

COO Mantel Group

Caroline Henshaw

Head of People & Culture

Patrick Eckel


James Wilson

CEO Eliiza

Simon Poulton

CEO Kasna

Troy Bebee

CTO Kasna

Brett Henderson


Daniel Bradby

CTO Eliiza

Andre Morgan

CEO CMD Solutions

Adam Durbin

CTO CMD Solutions

Simon Matschoss

Head of Customer Engagement

Paige Camden

Talent Partner | Kasna & CMD

Brona Kelly

Talent Partner | DigIO

Eli Gunduz

Talent Partner | CMD