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Responsible AI, AI Ethics & Governance

Unlock the potential of AI while mitigating potential risks with our AI Ethics and Governance offering. We combine cutting-edge tools, industry best practice and tailored strategies that empower businesses to navigate upcoming regulation and optimise the advantages of AI. Stay ahead of the curve with responsible AI.

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Why AI Ethics?

We at Mantel Group firmly believe that ML/AI solutions should not only deliver business value but also uphold ethical and responsible standards. This AI Ethics and Governance offering was born from our commitment towards ensuring that the AI solutions we build align with our own principles and address the concerns and expectations of all stakeholders.

What we offer

Customised Tools

Use Case Audit

Operating Model

Ethics Gap Analysis

Training and Education

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Customised Tools

We provide a customisable AI Ethics Tools which includes an AI Ethics Assessment, an AI Risk Matrix and an AI Ethics Framework that aligns with your organisation’s unique values, industry standards, and regulatory requirements. Our experts collaborate closely with you to develop a comprehensive framework that addresses the ethical implications of AI technology and guides your organisation’s responsible AI practices.

Use Case Audit

We also provide an independent AI Ethics Use Case Audit which involves using the AI Ethics tools we develop together to examine an AI use case that is currently being developed or about to be deployed. Through the audit process, we use the AI Ethics Impact Assessment, AI Risk Register and AI Ethics Framework to identify, consider and mitigate ethical risks throughout the AI development lifecycle. During the audit process, we review data sources, algorithms and decision-making processes associated with the AI use case. This ethics audit process can be used as a method to identify potential gaps in organisational policies, governance structures and resources that are required to support responsible AI best practices and reduce the risks and potential harm of AI systems.

Operating Model

We support the implementation of a robust operating model to ensure ethical AI adoption throughout your organisation. Our team assists you in establishing clear accountability structures, defining decision-making processes, and integrating ethical considerations into your AI development and deployment workflows. By promoting transparency, fairness, and accountability, we enable you to build and maintain trust in your AI systems.

Ethics Gap Analysis

Our experienced professionals conduct a thorough analysis of your current policies and structures to identify gaps and areas of improvement. We help you assess your organisation’s AI practices against leading ethical standards and identify specific actions to address any shortcomings. This process enables you to enhance your existing policies and align them with best practices in the evolving field of AI ethics.

Training and Education

We offer comprehensive training and educational programs to equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible AI implementation. Our tailored workshops cover a wide range of topics, including ethical considerations in AI design, bias mitigation techniques, and explainability and transparency in AI algorithms. By fostering a culture of ethical AI, we empower your employees to make informed decisions and contribute to the responsible development and deployment of AI systems.

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