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The Department of Transport and Planning Victoria (DTP) embarked on a coordinated effort to combine all their data on the transport network. This foundation improved analytical and decision making capabilities to achieve safe, sustainable and integrated transport for Victorians.

The Solution

To start their machine learning journey, DTP sought Mantel Group’s support with ideation and prioritisation workshops to develop a well defined and agreed roadmap consisting of actionable use cases. By assessing both the feasibility and customer impact of use cases the data team was no longer hindered by competing priorities or barriers moving from proof-of-concept (PoC) to production.

DTP’s integrated Transport Data Platform enables countless machine learning use cases, from predicting how busy a train will be or the impact of road disruptions on traffic flow. Furthermore, in order to educate the wider department on the power of machine learning, and develop the roadmap for technology foundations, DTP worked with Mantel Group to build a prediction model that showcased significant improvements in prediction accuracy.

These tangible outcomes helped build a compelling case for further investment in machine learning.