As a business, and as individuals, we have a part to play in the sustainable change needed for equality. We stand against any type of discrimination or oppression.


We commit to continuing to support minorities and those who have suffered or continue to suffer oppression. To using socially responsible providers, to educating ourselves and our teams, to continue to learn about our history, to understand privilege and to provide a workplace where everyone can learn and ask questions. Black Lives Matter. Aboriginal Lives Matter. In It Together.


At Mantel Group we pursue technologies that change the way our clients do business in the real world.

Mantel Group Named One of the 2020 Best Places to Work in Australia by Great Place to Work Australia

A group of companies that bring expertise and experience to the table with passion to ensure our clients succeed.

Harnessing the power of cloud.


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Google solutions for business.


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A human approach to technology.


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Data Science. Engineered for scale.


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