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“Travelling to new places is always exciting, especially when it involves attending a conference dedicated to improving your craft. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend UXLx in Lisbon earlier this year. I am so grateful for Mantel Group’s commitment to my growth and professional development for this unforgettable experience.” – Yesha Macdonald, Designer at Pretzel Lab by Mantel Group

From the moment I landed in Lisbon, I fell in love with the city’s charm. Its colourful facades, historical vibe, and the cute cobblestone streets left me feeling inspired.

And the UXLx conference – now that was the real deal. I got to meet with UX enthusiasts from all over the world, including renowned experts and industry pioneers whom we had the opportunity to learn from. The lineup of facilitators and speakers were top-notch, covering everything from user research to the latest in interaction design.

I learn best by doing, so, the reason I chose to attend this particular conference is UXLx ’s emphasis on activity-based workshops over traditional talks. The organisers recognised the importance of hands-on learning and interactive sessions in fostering practical skills and enhancing collaboration among attendees.

By prioritising workshops, the conference provided a unique opportunity for us to actively engage with the subject matter, applying theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. These sessions allowed us to dive deep into the nuances of UX design, exchange ideas, and learn from our peers through practical exercises and group discussions.

This focus on experiential learning not only made the conference more engaging and enjoyable but also left us with tangible takeaways and a better understanding of how to apply the principles of UX in our daily work.

My trip to UXLx was sponsored by Mantel Group, through a fantastic employee initiative they have called ‘MyDeal’. ‘MyDeal’ is about recognising that we’re all unique, and what keeps us motivated at work varies from person to person, changing over time. Mantel Group believes in customising our work experience to suit our individual needs and motivations. It’s one of the many ways they’ve demonstrated their dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and creating a great place to work.

Photos from Yesha Macdonald

I returned from the conference with a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives that I was eager to share with my team. I compiled my notes, highlighted key insights and innovative strategies discussed by the experts. Back at the office, I organised a Brown Bag to share my learnings, weaving in real-world examples and actionable takeaways. This sparked engaging discussions on how to implement these concepts into our projects at Mantel Group, Pretzel Lab and with our clients, helping foster our culture of continuous learning and growth.

Stepping away from my regular routine and responsibilities and travelling across the world to Lisbon, provided me with the opportunity to widen my perspective. I was able to better absorb new ideas, gain new insights and deepen my understanding of UX design. I’m excited to put the knowledge I’ve gained into practice and contribute to the continued success of both Mantel Group and my own professional journey.