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Maritime Engineering


Serverless (Break Monolith), Application Modernisation

The Problem

Melbourne-based OMC International, established in 1987, specializes in developing software for the safe operation of ports and waterways. Their DUKC® system, used globally, models vessel dynamics for safe navigation and cargo optimization, with a significant presence, including the world’s largest throughput port, Port Hedland.

As OMC’s maritime projects expanded, the processing demands on their DUKC® Data Store (DDS) led to technical issues. After a shift to Amazon Web Services (AWS), scalability issues and rising costs persisted, prompting a need for modernization.

The Solution

OMC engaged AWS Partner Mantel Group to implement DDS 2.0, aiming to modernize and make it more scalable and cost-effective. Mantel Group utilized AWS CDK for development acceleration, breaking down the monolithic structure into microservices, orchestrated by Amazon ECS.
AWS Lambda replaced virtual servers, and Amazon DynamoDB replaced Amazon RDS, enhancing performance. The successful MVP completion led to plans for extending the collaboration on more cloud-native projects.

Key AWS Services

  • Amazon ECS
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon RDS


DDS 2.0, with its microservices architecture and AWS serverless services, addresses scalability and cost issues. The partnership with Mantel Group has not only delivered a solution but also paved the way for future cloud-native projects for OMC International.

Watch  ‘This is My Architecture: OMC’ below.