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4 weeks


Project plan, UX design, UI design, User research interviews, Secondary research – desktop and mobile, Prototype, Usability testing, Handover document with insights and future recommendations

Conceptualise and deliver a new subscription service that would satisfy the needs of a broad range of customers and provide the business with the ability to easily and seamlessly identifying betting behaviour and feed that back into business processes and intelligence.

Key Takeaways

  • 4 week rapid prototype, incl. user research and testing
  • Input from client on needs and requirements
  • Strong input from users on their needs and understanding of the industry
  • Provided additional design recommendations outside the scope work

Customer Challenge

The client had an idea of creating a new subscription service for its customers so that it could leverage their betting data to create more personalised experiences for them and enhance their business intelligence. The key gap was that the client didn’t know what their customers’ needs or expectations were in order to create and build this new experience. They needed help to understand how customers interacted with their products, what their needs, expectations and pains were so that we could rapidly design new features for their subscription product that would resonate with customers and achieve their business ambitions.

Our Approach

We worked very closely with the client through daily catch ups and weekly playbacks, providing updates on the insights from our research we discovered along the way to highlight the customer voice and gain valuable feedback from the business.

A large part of our collaboration was working with their design team and involving them in our process while adding contributions to their design system.

Through multiple rounds of rapid designing, prototyping and iteration through feedback from customers and business representatives, we created desktop and mobile prototypes in Figma of the final solution, and also created a breakdown of required components which were added to their design system.

Outcomes and Results

The design features were scheduled for development and implementation into their mobile and desktop experiences. Through our testing we showed that the new features eased the user’s experience in researching and reading information and could have a positive effect on their betting behaviour. We also outlined how this data could be used by the business to enhance their knowledge of their customer base.

We also provided additional design recommendations for future phases which aligned with the business’ strategic objectives and were technically practical.