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Designing a marketing engine for a telco giant that streamlines the sales process to effectively target the right customer, with the right message, at the right time.

  • Industry: Telecommunications

  • Service: Design Discovery & Delivery

  • Timeframe: 6 weeks

Customer problem

In an extremely competitive marketplace, our globally renowned telco client had themselves begging the question – how might we better attract our customers in the right why? So they approached us with a challenge to reshape their marketing and analytics engine, with a priority to target customers more effectively, as well as increasing their efficiency by onboarding more teams across the organisation.

The marketing engine was originally built on zero budget as a proof of concept. Two years later and now a business critical resource, the team have applied many temporary solutions to assist with its growing demand – however the platform is struggling to manage the increasing number of requests.

Our approach

Being given a relatively narrow focus, our starting point was to run a three-week discovery sprint to understand how the marketing engine fits into the wider company eco system and workflow processes. We conducted over 17 interviews with a range of people from key business representatives, developers and users of the tool to map out an end to end journey that highlighted how all these parties interact.

Our learnings highlighted the fact that the marketing engine is only one part of a long journey that users go on, so in order to achieve a measurable uplift in efficiency, other touch points in the journey would also need to be addressed.

After creating a roadmap to illustrate the phased chunks of work beginning with a lean MVP, we started designing and iterating on concepts conducting over 30+ user testing sessions. From here we confidently moved into Integrated Delivery where we continued to iterate on the design bringing the new marketing engine to life.

Outcomes and Results

As a result of implementing the new marketing engine, we’ve significantly increased the teams capability and cadence to deliver more at a higher quality, while addressing significant user and operational pain points.