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Data Strategy
Data Ideation
BI & Analytics

Key Outcomes


Efficiency in BI & analytics


Clear data strategy


Employee satisfaction and retention


Clear pathway for data platform


Risk mitigation

Business Challenge

Cogstate is a leading neuroscience technology company optimising brain health assessments to advance the development of new medicines and to enable earlier clinical insights in healthcare.

Cogstate was at the start of a significant growth curve with increased investment in clinical trials, accessing new regions via their global agreement with Eisai, and scaling internal operations rapidly.

However, maintaining current data practices would impact both growth trajectory and introduce risks as it was not set up for a large influx of data and sharing data with key partners and customers was very manual and time consuming.

With a wide range of use cases, both today and in the future, Cogstate required a strategic review and roadmap for their Data Management practices.

Our Approach

  • We leveraged a cross-functional team across Data Strategy, Human-Centred Design, Databricks and Azure in order to both capture Cogstate’s vision for the future and translate this into tangible and practical next steps.
  • By leveraging Pursuit Model methodology, we worked with the Cogstate Executive Team and Data SMEs to design a vision for the future and identify the priority use cases (both quick wins and strategic). By taking a use case driven approach we could ensure the business benefit could be articulated and quantified.
  • We leveraged our proprietary Data Capability Assessment Framework (DCAF) to analyse four key areas around data – users, technology, usability and governance.
  • Designed current and future state architecture, highlighting where key problems were being faced in the current state architecture and how that could be resolved in the future state architecture.
  • Developed a roadmap and action plan for the team to understand what the future state looks like, why it’s important and how they can get there.
  • Worked with the Cogstate team to build a business case to uncover the near-term benefits and priority use cases.


  • By working with Mantel Group, Cogstate could design and articulate a clear way forward and concrete data strategy goals to achieve in the next 3 years. It has provided them with knowledge on their current challenges, major pain points and improvement areas when it comes to data practices, culture, and technology.
  • By taking a use case driven approach, Cogstate can take a pragmatic and horizon driven approach to their data and technology investment. This means realising immediate quick-wins, whilst also building a data platform which will be fit for their strategic data ambitions.
  • The data platform work will enable:
    • Efficiency in BI & analytics – Cogstate will be able to navigate their data assets and reports in a faster and simpler manner, thanks to the organised Reporting and Visualisation layers with user-empowering data governance in place.
    • Risk mitigation – the self-service capabilities of the Reporting layer connected to the data lakehouse will enable better, faster and more transparent data sharing with their Healthcare partners.
  • Employee satisfaction and retention – the automation of data transformation processes will mean that employees can spend more time working on tasks that are directly relevant to their role, such as scientific research, and less time on manual data mining and cleaning tasks. The team will be able to generate new and exciting insights through the self-service reporting layer connected to the data lakehouse, now that their data will be unified into one source of data.