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Data Governance

Business Problem

The client has identified a number of data quality issues arising from having multiple data sources that are worsened by incomplete migrations off legacy data platforms. There are also data governance issues arising from not having end to end accountability across data platforms.

Given the client has a number of in-flight strategic initiatives, these aforementioned issues are hindering the capability to deliver the initiatives successfully and in a timely manner.

Our Approach

Mantel Group has done an extensive current state assessment across the enterprise data landscape, which includes data platform and teams, as well as the various data activities. The current state assessment measures the maturity level of the client to understand where they are at in their data journey.


The project was concluded with a set of recommendations to elevate the overall data management capabilities of the client. The set of recommendations are further furnished with roadmap, timelines and business cases.

Aside from that, the key data platforms were also profiled to quantify the “health” of these data stores and enterprise architecture diagrams were created to show how the various key data platforms interact.