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Cloud Migration

Company Overview

  • Modernised IT operation that gives Sandstone a platform for the future
  • Highly responsive, scalable environment that retains integrity for Sandstone clients
  • Secure platform, meeting FSI requirements
  • Efficient environment to manage for Sandstone team

Sandstone has a rich heritage of over 20 years providing software for clients in the financial services industry across the globe.

Its core offering is award-winning end-to-end origination and digital banking products along with domain expertise.

Recognising the need to modernise their applications to effectively compete in a rapidly changing financial technology landscape, Sandstone initiated a move to cloud to improve opportunities to differentiate its product offering.

The Challenge

Sandstone’s emerging cloud capability attracted increasing client interest, presenting the business with the challenge of scaling the platform to meet the growing business demand within a short timeframe without compromising vital operational and security controls.

Sandstone was running its financial services products within an on premise architecture, which did not support scaling and was an increasingly inefficient way of hosting client business systems.

To support its rapid development timeline, Sandstone engaged Mantel Group to implement an AWS / Kubernetes platform that could be managed using automation.

This would ensure that each client environment was consistent, secure and efficient and would take Sandstone forward in its core business of building better banking systems.

The Solution

The project scope included initial discovery analysis, solution design of the AWS environment and deployment pipelines, planning and executing the migration, and enabling the Sandstone operations team to be production ready for the migrated applications.

An FSI grade AWS environment with the ability to scale without compromising security controls was built, with the deployment pipelines and surrounding support services also designed and configured to dovetail to Sandstone’s application suite.

This shift from a more traditional on-premise based architecture to a modernised approach required some application re-factoring. Banking and lending applications were migrated to an AWS hosted Kubernetes environment, which provided a rich developer experience for deploying and managing applications.

Maintaining consistency and high availability was supported by using Infrastructure as Code deployment pipelines for both infrastructure based deployments and also for application code deployments.

The environment fully leveraged AWS, with the foundation built on a best practice multi AWS account, multi VPC structure to provide segregation between clients for both multi-tenanted and single-tenanted product offerings utilising the same secure patterns and automation.

Services Deployed


The Results

This project delivered Sandstone a modernised cloud environment in AWS that is being used to grow its business offerings.

It met Sandstone’s key aims of modernisation, opportunities for differentiation and scalability, along with complete regulation adherence.