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Company Overview

This use case applies to any energy, mining or manufacturing company that has a need to exchange machine level data between business layers, other operations and or other companies where a cloud based solution is the only feasible way this can be done.

The Problem

The client in this case had contractual compliance obligations to send data derived from their IOT devices within their operational network  (e.g. temperature, pressure, etc) to other business partners. This was to ensure that operations of both parties of the contract were managed effectively from an production and maintenance perspective; helping manage distribution of monitored services, effectiveness of the network and critical areas such as safety and uptime were closely measured using insights gathered through an IOT driven analytics platform.

The Solution

AWS IOT platform built in collaboration with the Queensland natural resources company.

  • HIgh velocity/availability data sources; using experian data source

  • AWS Services: Kinesis. DynamoDB, Lambda, Sitewise, Greengrass

  • As part of this solution build, CMD are also offering local support/managed services

Services Deployed

AWS IOT platform built in collaboration with the Queensland natural resources company.

  • Sitewise

  • Greengrass

  • Lambda

  • DynamoDB

  • Kinesis

  • EC2

  • KEPServerEX

The Results

Mantel Group delivered an IOT platform on AWS helping the client attain the following outcomes

  • Adhere to compliance requirements

  • Enhanced operational visibility and reactivity to the gas network

  • Near real time access to critical operational data across the clients organisation and their data/business partnerships

  • Future innovation enablement:

    • Future use cases being explored around predictive and prescriptive analytics

    • Enable stronger data driven bilateral and multilateral partnership opportunities, as well data sharing through offering this platform as a b2b platform