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  • Implemented a comprehensive performance reporting system.
  • Facilitated data-supported decisions across multiple departments.
  • Accessible to thousands of users through a user-friendly platform
  • Automated, interactive reports and tailored visualisations.

The Problem

Initially, a large health organisation approached Mantel Group to discuss an existing performance reporting system that was functional but had certain limitations. Although suitable for smaller scale work, it encountered challenges when accommodating the broader and more diverse clinical areas.

This constraint resulted in the distribution of only high-priority information to relevant stakeholders in static views. Additionally, the reliance on manual produced, physical reports required hundreds of hours of report preparation time per month. This lack of dynamism hindered essential stakeholders from understanding the underlying factors contributing to any performance issues.

The Opportunity

In the evolving healthcare landscape, data-driven decisions are critical and the health organisation recognised their current reporting system’s limitations hindered operations and potential strategies.

By improving data reporting enterprise-wide, there was a tremendous opportunity to elevate the entire organisation and enable future digital transformation projects.

Enhanced data accessibility and analytics would empower stakeholders at all levels, from staff to leadership, facilitating informed decisions. This would optimise operations and shape long-term strategies, ensuring agility in meeting patients and staff needs.

By leveraging this opportunity, the organisation could position itself as a pioneering force in healthcare management, setting standards for patient care, efficiency, and foresight.

The Solution

A System Performance Report (SPR) Portal was developed in partnership with Mantel Group. The SPR encompassed data integration, normalisation, modelling, and visualisation. The end-to-end web-based platform seamlessly integrated with the health organisation’s systems. A key feature is the interactive analytics capability, allowing users to ask questions and drill through, providing crucial insights.

The benefits of this solution are as follows:

  • Statewide Performance Reporting: The SPR Portal, by integrating data from various sources, offers a centralised platform for performance reporting. This eliminated physical reports, providing up-to-date data.
  • Interactive Data Exploration: Stakeholders can delve into key performance indicators and support measures, and not only view but also interact with the data, enhancing their understanding of performance issues and root causes.
  • Modern Web Integration: SPR Portal merged analytics technology (Qlik) with web technology to provide a modern and user-friendly interface for a wide audience.
  • Enhanced Data Governance: Integrated security and authentication ensures precise data access, upholding strict data governance and safeguarding sensitive information.

Our Approach

Needs Assessment and Project Initiation: Before technical work began, the health organisation and Mantel Group collaborated to define the specific needs and objectives for the SPR Portal, considering existing reporting limitations and desired outcomes.

Data Source Identification: Crucially, all disparate data sources for the SPR Portal were identified, including Patient Administration, Emergency Department, Costing, and Billing Systems.

Data Integration and Normalisation: Mantel Group then integrated and normalised the data. This enabled the data to be combined cohesively and presented on the SPR Portal.

Qlik Sense BI Portal Development: using Qlik Sense BI, the SPR Portal became a web-based platform, visualising integrated data interactively.

Security Implementation: Due to sensitive data health, security was paramount. Rigorous security measures, including authentication protocols were implemented.

Testing and Feedback Loop: Before the full launch, the SPR Portal underwent thorough testing, with user feedback guiding refinements.

Deployment and Training: After meeting criteria and passing all tests, the SPR Portal was deployed statewide and training sessions were conducted.

Ongoing Monitoring and Support: Post-deployment, Mantel Group continued to monitor performance, promptly addressing issues. They provided ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the platform’s long-term efficacy and reliability.

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