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  • Collaboratively designed and built solution.
  • A seamless experience for customers accessing a range of benefits across multiple retailers.
  • Enables the client to holistically consolidate customer’s profile data.
  • A new stream of revenue and digital arm for the client.

The Problem

An Australian leading retail group identified a need to develop deeper relationships with existing and future customers by giving them access to a range of benefits across multiple retailers through a subscription program. This would enable customers to seamlessly interact with multiple retailers and open up an opportunity for the business to acquire and retain customers.

The client faced uncertainty regarding how to:

  • Provide customers with an optimal experience that would motivate them to create a new account for the subscription program and seamlessly connect it to their existing accounts and identities across all retail stores; and
  • Link the accounts in a frictionless way in order to meet both the business’ objectives and customer expectations.

Additionally, they sought to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, expectations, pain points, and their interactions with the retail environment within the context of the new subscription program; and
  • Utilise this insight to design and implement a subscription program that not only resonates with customers but also enables the business to achieve its ambitious goals.

The Opportunity

The client wanted to leverage customer data across stores to create more personalised experiences, and to enhance their business intelligence. In order for customers to access benefits across the group’s retail ecosystem, they needed to establish a customer’s identity within the subscription program and integrate that identity across each retail brand.

The business partnered with Mantel Group to rapidly design and develop the customer experience and technical infrastructure for the innovative new program.

The Solution

The primary focus was on establishing the new brand’s credibility while ensuring a streamlined sign-up experience.

To address the identified challenges, a new mobile application was created, featuring seamless integration of identity across multiple brands and allowing customers to easily:

  • Sign up for the subscription program;
  • Connect their existing retail brand accounts; and
  • Access a range of benefits across multiple brands.

As a result, the subscription program’s new brand and associated benefits were successfully established in a frictionless and intentional manner, effectively encouraging users to sign up without compromising the current user experience of each individual retail brand.

Our Approach

We followed a customer-led, collaborative approach – co-designing and delivering with the leading retail groups internal teams, their customers and other design consultancies.

Mantel Group owned the design and delivery of identity and accounts, which involved uncovering triggers for signing up to this subscription service, purchasing a subscription and usage across multiple retail brands.

Key outcomes were supported by:

  • Digital strategy services to the new greenfields organisation which established best technology, design and operating practices;
  • End-to-end design thinking.
  • Collaboration and regular alignment with multiple retail brands on core experience and journeys.
  • Product engineering discovery review and advisory service.
  • Embedded Agile Delivery services.
  • Hybrid sessions for design and development.
  • Regular feedback sessions.
  • Hybrid workshops focused on business alignment and customer vision.
  • A design system for the business.

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