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6 months


Project plan, UX design, UI design, User testing, Secondary research – Desktop and mobile, Prototype,Competitor analysis, Usability testing, Feature identification and prioritisation

EME is an energy comparison site that aims to provide unbiased comparison of all energy plans available to Australian consumers. Our brief was to improve the EME site so that the Australian public can easily and intuitively decide on what energy provider is best for them and their living situation.

Key Takeaways

  • User research and testing
  • Input from client on needs and requirements
  • Strong input from users on their needs and understanding of the industry
  • Multiple workshops at client’s request

Customer Challenge

The Australian Energy Regulator created the Energy Made Easy comparison website in the hope to enable consumers to find their most suitable energy plan and to confidently engage with energy markets. Consumers were finding it difficult to understand the complexity in comparing energy plans and were not convinced or aware that the energy plans presented to them were tailored to their living situation and providing trustworthy recommendations.

Our Approach

We worked very closely with a multi-disciplinary team including the AER team, the Behavioural economics team of Australia (BETA), Vision Australia, and adjacent Mantel Group data teams from discovery to delivery.

We worked simultaneously with AER and the BETA team to identify key assumptions and personas to target research activities to uncover current user pain points, motivations and energy literacy when it came to comparing energy plans.

We created, iterated and tested fully clickable prototype and gathered insights for feature refinement and prioritisation. We used the final prototype and the newly created design system as the basis to work with the delivery team to create a backlog for an MVP due for release in July.

Outcomes and Results

Feedback on the final prototype from customers was positive, specifically that they could more clearly see and understand the benefit of using energy made easy, and were more likely to use it. Approval to build the new designs as a beta released was given, and Mantel Group will be heavily involved in delivery and further testing.