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Data Management

Managed Service (DevOpsaaS)

Project Outcomes

  • Security
    • Overall risk score, as reported by Plerion, was reduced by 40%
    • Daily AWS account and workload security scans
    • Ongoing threat detection with automated notifications
    • Network flow visibility and logging
    • Network access lockdown
    • At-rest and in-transit encryption
  • Monitoring and logging
    • New Relic – AWS integration to allow AWS resource-level monitoring
    • New Relic – OpenShift integration to allow OpenShift internals monitoring
    • Black-box application availability monitoring
  • Stability
    • Eliminated disruptions of ElasticSearch and RabbitMQ services
    • Increased stability of connection between OpenShift and AWS EFS file systems
  • Cost optimisation
    • Savings reinvested in OpenShift and AWS RDS expansion

The Client

Founded in 2002 in Sydney, Australia, Prospecta provides targeted services in data and automation for enterprise customers. Since its inception, Prospecta has established a significant presence in the technology industry as a data solutions provider.


Mantel Group has overcome the challenges of operating Prospecta AWS environments by establishing a scalable, efficient, and secure platform managed by a skilled team of Site Reliability Engineers.

By harnessing our internal platform and equipping our engineers with diverse skills, Mantel Group confidently provided the level of coverage necessary for the Prospecta environment’s seamless performance around the clock. Security and compliance stand as pivotal elements of Mantel Managed Services. Mantel Group has partnered with a top-tier industry vendor to deliver an integrated solution for our Managed Service, empowering us to offer monitoring and rapid alerting of potential security and compliance breaches.

Mantel Group improved Prospecta’s cloud security posture by using Plerion Security to meticulously target critical vulnerabilities, which reduced their security risk score from 9.22 to 5.69.

The Challenges

Prospecta’s MDO application was designed to be the leading platform for resolving data quality and integrity challenges within organizations. They aim to enhance performance and operational excellence at all levels through MDO. Prospecta serves clients from various industries, and their rapid success has brought challenges in maintaining their large AWS environment. They were in need of a reliable partner who could:

  • Manage and maintain their AWS resources
  • Improve their cloud security and compliance posture
  • Maintain and enhance the stability of their Redhat ROSA platform
  • Improve their observability
  • Optimise their rising AWS costs


Initial requirements given by the business and discovered during the engagement:

  • Establish and improve system monitoring and observability at both AWS and OpenShift level,
  • Improve stability and availability of OpenShift clusters
  • Improve AWS Organization security posture
  • Introduce Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Protection Platform
  • Perform cost optimisation

The Solution

The deployed application has two generations:

  • Classic
  • FUSE

Application generations are run in separate AWS accounts, and each workload type is deployed on a separate VPC.

  • Application and AWS account monitoring through New Relic
  • Security Scanning through Plerion
  • Threat detection through GuardDuty
  • Secure data transfer through AWS Site-to-site VPN and AWS Transfer Family
  • High availability through AWS Autoscaling and OpenShift
  • Amazon CloudFormation: Infrastructure management
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud: Environment segregation
  • AWS Site-to-Site VPN: Connectivity to third-party services
  • AWS Transfer Family: Data upload through SFTP by vendors
  • Amazon GuardDuty: Threat detection
  • Amazon EMR: Application data processing
  • Amazon QuickSight: Data visualisation
  • Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling and Amazon Elastic Container Service: Run AWS Fargate containers for microservices
  • Amazon Relational Database Service: Product database
  • S3: File processing results, Log storage
  • AWS Key Management Service: Added for backup and uplift
  • Route 53: DNS records and domain registration

Third party applications or solutions used

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS: Managed OpenShift 4 clusters

New Relic: System monitoring and log aggregation

Plerion: Security scanning (CSPM and CWPP) integrated through CloudFormation

CrowdStrike: EC2 instance protection