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Digital Media

Discovery and Project Inception


Months from discovery to delivery of MVP


Major sport codes supported by MVP


Future-proof for further product expansion

Key Outcomes

  • Delivered international sports betting odds comparison product in time for NFL season start
  • Accelerated discovery and build phases
  • Future proofed technology stack
  • Rapid deployment of new propositions to additional international markets


We partnered with an innovative digital media business to rapidly deliver a best-in-class comparison based lead generation product for sports betting to their international client. This included building an MVP for the web, underpinned by a scalable data ingestion and streaming platform for odds and sports statistics integration points, to enable future expansion and onboarding of new clients.

The Challenges

Our client was tasked by an international customer to deliver a new comparison based lead generation product for sports betting. This had to be delivered in time for the start of the NFL season to maximise consumer uptake. DigIO was approached for its delivery leadership, recognising that prescribed time frames and product complexities would present delivery challenges.

The Solution

Through a series of discovery workshops we rapidly provided our client with clarity on what to build and how to build it which allowed us to start delivery of the product with greater confidence. We developed various application components as part of the MVP. Major components included (a) Data ingestion using AWS SQS and AWS SNS to pass data between the various services and lambdas located across multiple regions, (b) Live Odds Streaming using AWS AppSync to easily spin up and manage GraphQL APIs and (c) a Static Site Generation service to incrementally generate certain pages of the web application only when content in WordPress is updated.

The Outcomes

We worked closely with our client to rapidly go from Discovery to MVP release in just six months. Not only did we deliver a best-in-class comparison based lead generation product for sports betting, but also helped to engineer and future proof the technology stack that will enable them to rapidly deploy new propositions to additional international markets.