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Data & Analytics


Established visibility of hundreds of Global construction projects with the ability to drill through individual project spends, revenue, risks and status.


Established visibility of aggregation of the financial health of regions with rolled-up revenue, expenditure, wages and purchases.


Democratised actionable business insights for internal & external reporting

“We brought on [Mantel Group] to accelerate our Digital Transformation agenda and to support our cloud efforts by building a scalable and customer focus data platform. The team integrated well into our broader organisation and were able to show tangible benefits within weeks from the initial engagement and then continued to build on that approach, resulting in a deep understanding of our business as well as strong aligned outcomes.”

Chief Digital Officer

Company Overview

The customer is a multinational construction company with little global visibility of the health of both finances and building sites. The company was generating vast amounts of data regarding employees and contractors on work sites, but struggled in aggregation and joining siloed data across the globe.

The Problem

The multinational construction company was looking to provide various teams and stakeholders across their global business a single centralised source for actionable information and insights. Relevant and timely metrics enable actionable, data driven decisions to be made which help drive operational and strategic direction.

Previously, data was extracted from various localised source systems and loaded into an on-prem data warehouse for each regional hub which in turn used their own BI/reporting solutions. In developing a global data insights strategy, the construction company wanted to first prove the capability by developing an initial use case – the Global Projects Insight Platform. This will provide executives and directors a consolidated global view of project status and metrics across their UK and Aus regional hubs.

The Solution

The team worked closely with internal stakeholders and an internal PM using agile methodology to iterate on MVP’s. The project spanned across different time zones as part of the initial phase to understand the business in each region.

Old source systems and data silos would need careful consideration of extraction tooling so therefore we proposed using custom connectors to allow the client to control licensing costs as well as provide a lightweight extraction process.

In the end, we modernised the company’s data landscape in a very conservative and traditional industry to help the company become data driven.

System architecture map

The Outcomes

  • Designed and built a foundational Google Cloud data platform.
  • A data pipeline was built of warehouse organisational data in a secure, reliable and cost efficient environment.
  • Democratise actionable business insights for internal & external reporting
  • Outlay a solid foundation for future applications of analytics and ML/AI on organisational data

Key Products/Services Used

  • BigQuery
  • Python
  • Terraform
  • Docker
  • Cloud Run
  • Compute Engine
  • Cloud Build

“It was a pleasure to work with the [Cloud] team, their GCP and data expertise doubled by their ability to navigate the business quickly allowed us to achieve a lot in a very short period of time. On top of that, their position in Mantel Group offered us the possibility to constantly adapt the team based on our needs which is rare on the market.”

Product Lead