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Finance & Property


Pursuit Model

Customer problem

After years of solid growth and a stable customer base, this particular client envisioned growing their business into its next phase – helping even more Australians through the most important purchase of their lives. This client had bright ideas but they needed our help in shaping this vision and transforming it into positive actions that would help them achieve this.

The challenge was to accelerate development of their strategic roadmap, by identifying opportunities for innovation and better aligning member experience, at the same time as exploring the idea of a Certified Partner program that can be used to grow a network of complementary, strategic partners.

Our approach

We sprang into action – unearthing thoughts and ideating with our client over two workshops to build up an-in depth picture of what the program should look like and the type of partners they should be focusing on.

Outcomes and Results

Our collaborative research and ideation led to a greater understanding of the drivers for business growth, and provided the basis for a framework that would identify companies and industries that aligned with where they wanted to take the business strategically.

To make it all possible we created a detailed roadmap that stepped out in a phased approach how this partner program could be brought to life, along with Identify training, support and engagement commercials likely required for next steps.