Future Associates Program

As a recent graduate, this is a 12-month program as you embark on your first professional career. The focus of the program is on developing core consulting skills, whilst deepening your existing technical knowledge acquired from your studies or self-learning.

The program is co-designed with you, and each brand, for an individualised journey that enables you to grow and be your best (and love what you’re doing!).

Program good to knows

  • Program starts in early February 
  • Kicks off with a 2 week onboarding program 
  • Creation of an individualised Learning Blueprint tailored to uniquely you to enable your growth and achieve personal and professional goals
  • Option to rotate to gain experience and exposure to different tech specialisations – within or cross brand
  • Career mentoring via People Guide 
  • Opportunity to work on a purpose project
  • No promotion timelines  – you can determine how you want to progress your career with full support whatever you choose

Who is eligible for this Program?

  • Recently graduated from a degree (undergrad/ post-grad), boot camp, a certificate within the last 12 months


  • Self-taught with demonstrated skills to back up your talents
  • Less than 12 months full-time professional experience in a tech role

Peak Academy – our inhouse learning & development program

Peak Academy is our in-house learning & development program designed to ensure our Future Associate’s and Trainees’ career success by complementing formal learning with ‘on the job’ experience.

Built upon 3 pillars, each pillar focuses on;

Getting Established
Building the foundations to transitioning into a professional career and Mantel Group

Building Attributes
Developing core attributes to enable success as a consultant

Immersive Tech
Honing the growth of your technical knowledge and skills

Learning Blueprint
A learning map created to support your learning journey that is unique and tailored to your strengths and areas of growth.

During Peak Academy you will embark on a learning opportunity to develop your tech and consulting skills and abilities, and crystallise your thinking about your current strengths and your career path.

Application Process

The recruitment process can slightly change based on the role you’re interested in. But as a general guide, we have kept it to 4 simple steps.

Submit Application

Submit your resume and answer the application questions.


Be sure to include information that tells us about you, not just your studies. Include things such as your hobbies, passion projects etc. that give help humanise your application.

Phone Screen

If your application is shortlisted our Emerging Talent Team will contact you to chat through your application.


Make sure you have researched us and be prepared to talk about what you know about Mantel Group (hint, we are very passionate about our Principles!).

Technical Interview

This interview is your time to shine and showcase your technical skills. The aim here is for you to demonstrate your foundational tech knowledge and skills.


We are not assessing your technical expertise but looking for future capability so present your solution in a clear and logical way to demonstrate logical problem solving and critical thinking.

Final Cultural Interview

The final interview will be a cultural interview with two people.


This is a conversational-style interview. We want to get to know you better (and you us!) so be prepared to talk about the things such as what you are passionate about, what motivates you and what you like to do for fun.