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Empowering Governmental organisations with innovative technology solutions. Transform the way you engage with citizens through ethical, collaborative, and data-driven approaches.

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Delivery Excellence through Ethics, Collaboration, and Innovation.

As Australia’s largest private technology consultancy, we champion values and ethics, fostering transparency at every stage. Our collaborative approach not only delivers solutions that your can trust, but also empowers your team’s capabilities to deliver the highest quality services and outcomes to your customers; everyday Australians.


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We work with the best technology partners to deliver exceptional results for your business.

Your trusted partner for Digital | Cloud | Data | Security


Business and
Technology Consulting

We help you create value by combining deep technology specialisation with industry understanding through a human centered lens of the world.

  • Business and Technology Strategy
  • Human centered design and adoption
  • Digital, Data and Cloud transformation strategy, design and governance
  • Cyber Security Governance,
    Risk and Compliance

Customer experience,
Product and Design

We help you take a human centered view of your digital channels to drive adoption, engagement and positive experiences with your audiences

  • Digital User Experience
    Strategy and Analysis
  • User Experience
  • Service Design
  • Product Management

Advanced Analytics and
Artificial Intelligence

Whatever stage you are at with data, Mantel Group can help you make meaning of your data and deliver practical solutions which will deliver business impact.

  • Data Strategy, Governance
    and Transformation
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning and Operations

Data Insights
and Analytics

Need to turn complex data into purposeful insight? We build robust data solutions that collect, store, analyse and drive business insights across your organisation.

  • Design and Implementation of
    modern data platforms
  • Data Insights and Visualisation
  • Data Lifecycle Management
  • Custom Data Products

Technology Architecture
& Design

Our team will help you sift through the complexities of the most progressive technology or complex legacy challenge and help you implement technology that is relevant, sustainable and drives operational value and efficiency through your organisation.

  • Digital Channels Strategy
  • Technology and Business Architecture
  • Solution Design and Planning
  • Discovery and Project Inception

Cloud and Infrastructure Transformation

We are here to help you on your cloud journey either as a first timer or if you have a mature cloud environment we’ll help you modernize to get the most business benefit from cloud native technology. Our team of cloud experts are here to help you design and implement best practice cloud environments no matter what the technology is that underpins your business.

  • Cloud Adoption
  • Modern Digital Workplace solutions
  • Application and Data modernisation
  • Cloud Excellence and Operations

Product Engineering
& Delivery

Our DNA is engineering. We’re in the business of taking ideas and enabling them through engineering emerging technology. We can help you modernise your application landscape with techniques that drive with speed, agility and continuous value into your business.

  • Product, Application and Software Engineering Services
  • Project Discovery, Inception and Design
  • Rapid Prototyping and market validation
  • Agile Engineering and
    Delivery Management
  • Modern Cloud Managed Service

Customer experience, Product and Design and Development

We can help you navigate the product life cycle to ensure the market fit is right and your product is lovable. As a partner. We help you change the product strategy and deliver a product that is usable, scalable and future proof to drive your business forward.

  • Product strategy and market fit
  • Rapid Pre and Prototyping
  • Joint and Commercial venture partnerships

Delivery and Ways
Of Working

As a business we value culture, teaming, delivering on objectives and having fun doing it! And that’s what we do with you, enabling organisations to think, run and operate using an agile, team of teams based way of working.

  • Digital First Organisational Design
  • Lean and Agile Execution models
  • Adaptive Team of Team
    operating models
  • Scaled, Distributed and
    Remote Agile Delivery
  • Assess your progress in implementing sustainable digital delivery here


Focused on modern security services, we shift security left to minimise threats to your sensitive data through the management of risk with effective controls combined with real-time visibility and response.

  • Advisory, Strategy & GRC
  • Cloud, Infrastructure
  • Identity Security
  • Application Security for Agile Organisations
  • End-to-End Data Security

Emerging Technologies

Whether your engagement channel is a device, a sensor, a screen or it virtual and augmented, we have you covered. We are currently focusing on the following areas of emerging technology in Digital.

  • Emerging technologies
  • Specialised Devices and IoT
  • Metaverse
  • Blockchain

Service Management

We can not only help you design and build the next generation of digital platforms, we can help you run them, in an integrated secure way. Our service delivery teams help you keep your business operational and online 24×7.

  • Digital + Data + Cloud
    Managed Services
  • Trusted managed services partner providing 24/7 expert support
  • Support for regulated environments (IRAP, ISO, PCI)
  • Continual improvement with DevOps as a service (across all your cloud environments)

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