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API & Integration Development

Seamless connections and limitless possibilities

Few organisations have the luxury of building fully-customised software to meet all of their business needs. In practice, a hybrid mix of off-the-shelf and custom solutions are deployed to meet requirements across multiple business domains. A key challenge is to integrate and orchestrate this mix of solutions to empower and optimise end-to-end business workflows – that is where we come in! Work with us to build your APIs and integration services to seamlessly connect your business together.

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Optimise your existing software investments

Your current technical landscape has evolved with your business and represents a significant and long term investment. Make the most of these existing capabilities with APIs and integrations to enable seamless data exchange between different systems and applications, fostering efficient collaboration and improving productivity.

Simplify future development and enable faster time-to-market

The availability of efficient and well-documented APIs, providing access to information and features across your organisation, increases productivity for application developers. This will reduce time-to-market and boost business agility. Easily connect with external systems, partners, and third-party applications to adapt and respond quickly to changing market demands.

Automate business processes

Without integration, it’s common to see processes get siloed into multiple separate applications with overlapping feature sets and subsequent double-handling. Even worse is the risk of these data siloes getting out of sync, leaving fragmented and out-of-date information scattered across the application landscape. By automating processes, businesses can achieve streamlined workflows, eliminate manual data entry, and ensure data consistency across their operations.

Why choose Mantel Group for your API and integration services?

  • Connect business services and build workflows
  • Build secure, reliable, custom APIs to connect across systems easily
  • Utilise event-driven and best practice integration strategies
  • Leverage our end-to-end capabilities and deep expertise
  • Deploy existing integration pipelines or new custom integrations
  • Uplift and up-skill your team

What is API and integration services?

As businesses grow, their portfolio of services and their need to connect with third-party providers expand to get the most out of their software and efficiently exchange information.

Integration layers and APIs allow different software applications (e.g. CRM like Salesforce, Finance system like SAP, HR system like Workday, etc.) to communicate and interact with each other. They focus on getting services to work together – integrating different systems, enabling real-time data sharing, and building new applications on top of existing ones.

The Azenix team has in-depth capabilities and a breadth of experience to work alongside your business to plan and deliver integration and API projects across your cloud and on-premises workloads. Specialising in .NET development and Azure Cloud, but with a wide range of programming language skills, we leverage best practices from Microsoft and across the industry.

What we do

We build event-driven architectures with Azure Service Bus and Event Grid to provide a powerful and scalable solution for handling event-based communication and processing in cloud applications. Using the capabilities of Azure Service Bus and Event Grid, we create flexible, loosely coupled architectures that efficiently handle events, react to changes, and scale to meet evolving business needs.

Additionally, we design, develop, and deliver robust .NET APIs using Microsoft technologies such as Azure API Management, Azure Functions, or ASP.NET Web API.

Overall, Mantel Group offers a range of services to help businesses leverage Microsoft technologies and integrate them effectively with other systems.

We provide expertise and support in integrating Microsoft technologies and services with other systems or applications. This includes but is not limited to:

  • API Strategy and Design
  • API Development and Implementation
  • Integration Architecture
  • Cloud integration
  • Data Integration
  • Security and Governance
  • Monitoring and Support

The process we take

Discovery & Assessment
In Discovery and Assessment, Azenix will build a clear and shared understanding of your application landscape.
Solution design
Solution Design will provide a roadmap for improvement – building a detailed business case.
For Delivery, Azenix can provide a full cross-functional team managing or assisting internal teams across all aspects of the project delivery lifecycle.
Operations & Handover
Building an integration layer is just the start! The Operations and Handover process will ensure that the project investment will continue to perform well into the future – from cost optimisation through to application, security and performance monitoring.

Mantel Group played a crucial role in the successful launch of Openpay into the USA market, and I would be thrilled to work with them again on future projects

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