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Azure Landing Zone

The experts in setting up an Azure Landing Zone for your environment

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We build to your specific needs

We take a bespoke approach to landing zones to ensure the end result is a fit-for-purpose, sustainable solution that will best serve your needs and prevent the accumulation of technical debt. We combine custom work with existing components to build you a tailored solution in an accelerated timeline.

We can help at any stage of your journey

Whether this is your first venture into the cloud or you are looking to uplift an existing platform, we can work with you to build a landing zone that will best serve your business.

Do it once, do it right

Setting up an Azure Landing Zone is a significant commitment but provides a secure and reliable foundation that accelerates delivery. Therefore, it’s important that you get a landing zone that is fit-for-purpose, maintainable and dependable in the long term, and doesn’t leave you with a pile of technical debt. We think long term when designing your landing zone to ensure your experience is nothing but exceptional.

Why choose a Mantel Group Delivered Landing Zone

  • Based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)
  • Can start small and grow or be enterprise-grade from day one
  • Tailored to your organisation and industry specific needs
  • Accelerate time-to-market to deliver value to your customers faster
  • Leverages the extensive experience of the Azenix team
  • Free up Engineering time to focus on work that drives outcomes for your business and its customers

What is an Azure Landing Zone?

An Azure Landing Zone is the foundation of your Azure platform incorporating key pillars like network, identity, security, governance, monitoring and DevOps automation. Having a solid platform foundation in place accelerates cloud adoption and development pace by taking care of these requirements.

This is a starting point from which your organisation can quickly launch and deploy workloads and applications with confidence in your security and infrastructure environment.

“Mantel Group brought in some very high calibre people who quickly started to operate as an extension of our team. They identified the opportunities for improvement across our Azure Platform and delivered these in a way that rapidly built momentum and trust. Our feature teams actively seek out the involvement of these Mantel Group team members, as they bring the right mindset, a very collaborative style and deep technical ability - these are key ingredients for a high performing team.”

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