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Azure Virtual Desktop

Elevate productivity by enabling secure remote work with Azure Virtual Desktop

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Enable hybrid work anywhere

Provide employees with a best-in-market Windows VDI experience. AVD is optimised for Windows and has unparalleled support for Office and Teams to provide an excellent user experience for your team so they can work anywhere seamlessly and securely.

Fast to deploy and scale

Deployment and management of AVD is easy and fast, even moreso when you add NerdIO to make management of AVD even simpler.

Reduce costs

Leverage the flexibility and scalability of Azure to right-size virtual machines, spin them up and down as needed and use multi-user session hosts to reduce costs. Your existing Microsoft365 or Windows per-user licences can be used with AVD to bring costs down even further.

Why choose Azure Virtual Desktop?

  • Deploy and scale fast
  • Easy to manage, even easier with NerdIO
  • Benefit from the flexibility of Azure
  • Seamless Microsoft Office
    and Teams experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Integration with Azure services for security and monitoring

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is the market leading solution for virtual desktop infrastructure solutions. AVD makes it easy and fast to deploy and configure a virtual desktop environment to allow your team to work anywhere with ease. Its optimisation for Microsoft Office and Teams gives users a seamless experience, while deep integraasstions with Azure services make it easy to operate for administrators.

Keep things cost-effective by leveraging existing Windows per-user or Microsoft365 licences or really bring down costs with multi-user session hosts. Running on Azure means you get the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, so you can rapidly scale your deployment as needed.

What we do

Enabling your workforce to work remotely is almost a non-negotiable requirement these days. Microsoft’s AVD is widely recognised as the market-leading cloud solution in the virtual desktop space. We use our experience and IP to accelerate the deployment of AVD and ensure that it’s deployed in an operable and sustainable way for our clients. Every organisation has different use cases, regulatory and compliance requirements, budgets, security requirements, team sizes and so on. Having deep expertise deploying AVD for a variety of clients in various industries means we can make sure you get your deployment right the first time.

The process
we take


  • Gather use cases and requirements
  • Plan an AVD deployment suit these needs


  • Deploy or uplift Azure landing zone if required
  • Prepare pre-requisites such as network and identity
  • Deploy and configure AVD and NerdIO


  • Produce detailed documentation of the solution
  • Perform walkthroughs and demos
  • Hypercare for go-live

How we're different

As Microsoft and NerdIO partners we bring deep expertise in Azure, AVD and the NerdIO product. Our team can help you get set up on Azure or prepare your existing platform for AVD, design a solution that best suits your needs and get it deployed fast by using our existing IP, experience and solution accelerators.

As NerdIO partners we have the full support of the NerdIO team and expertise in their product. We use NerdIO on almost all our deployments to ensure management of the AVD solution is as easy as possible and drastically reduce operational overhead.

With Azure Virtual Desktop, TPGT employees get the flexibility of accessing their virtual desktops and applications from geo-approved locations. The multi-session capability of AVD helps our employees to gain feature-rich capabilities of Windows and achieves significant cost savings.

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