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Machine Learning

We use the best artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions from Google to help your business run faster, smoother, and improve your customer’s experience with your brand.

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Machine Learning made simple.

Glimpse into the future and predict trends months ahead to stay competitive in the market.

Automate risk handling – fraud detection, PII redaction, logs classification.

Let the machine do the talking – AI companions are the future of sales.

Stay competitive in a moving landscape

We bring the best of Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions to your business. We help converge your analytics, data science and automation to accelerate digital transformations and fuel your business outcomes.

Every organisation is challenged to remain competitive, while driving revenue increases and slashing operating costs. In this ever-changing environment, AI and ML can be the most powerful tool to grow new revenue streams, attract new customers and optimise costs of operations.

What we offer

  • Utilising Vertex AI, we’re able to build, deploy and scale ML models faster within a unified AI platform.
  • Automate speech recognition for your customer service teams, virtual agents for 24/7 assistance for your customers or derive insights from unstructured text using Google’s tools.
  • Automate or optimise how your team works with text and written documents to drive efficiencies and cost optimisations.
  • Industry focused ML and AI solutions available on Google Cloud across Healthcare, Media, Retail & Real Estate.

Benefits of AI & ML

  • Google Cloud provides powerful data storage tools and infrastructure
  • Process mass amounts of data at scale and optimise your analytics
  • Simple pricing with the Google Cloud Platform
  • Google’s AI tools are continuously updated, so you can trust you’re using the best of the best technology

As we started to look into more elaborate uses of the cloud like running analytics and machine learning, we found that the alignment with Google Cloud was far better than our previous cloud provider, with Google being predominantly an ad business.

Luke TaylorFounder and Chief Operating Officer - TrafficGuard

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We’re always keen to start new conversations on using technology to impact people in a positive way.

We pursue technologies that change the way our clients do business in the real world. We bring together emerging technologies with creative design and industry understanding to positively impact how your business works.

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