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Mantel Group GitHub Copilot Workshop

Increase your developer’s productivity and raise the adoption of AI-assisted development.

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Introducing the Mantel Group GitHub Copilot Workshop, a customisable session that aims to give a deep dive into GitHub Copilot.

Through the use of customised demonstrations, we provide your development teams with examples of the different ways the tool can help improve their productivity, in an interactive and collaborative session.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is aimed at a technical audience however it can also be useful for engineering managers to attend the presentation. It provides a good overview of what the tool is used for and importantly information around the privacy and security of the data used by the tool.

Key Features of the Workshop

1 Hour presentation

With this presentation, we go into the key aspects of the tool including the main features as well as important data privacy information.

Customisable Workshop

In this workshop, we develop a demo built on the same technology stack your teams use, and then we show how the tool can be used with that code base.

Interactive Q&A Session (optional)

To wrap up the workshop we run an interactive question and answer session, during this session it is encouraged that attendees try to use the tool themselves and ask questions.

Key Business Benefits

  • Gain a solid understanding of GitHub Copilot and how it can be utilised by your developers.
  • Increase the usage and efficiency of GitHub Copilot across your organisation.
  • Understand the areas where productivity can be improved as well as how AI-assisted development can help improve the developer experience.

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