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Migrating to AWS Azure Google Cloud

Expert cloud migration services to seamlessly modernise your operations.

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Cost Savings

Migrating to the cloud can lead to significant cost savings by reducing expenses related to hardware, maintenance, and energy consumption.

  • Reduced CapEx – With cloud computing, businesses can shift from a capital expenditure (CapEx) model to an operational expenditure (OpEx) model.
  • Pay-as-you-go – Businesses only pay for the resources they actually use, allowing for greater budget control and efficiency.
  • Energy Savings – Reduce energy costs associated with power usage and cooling systems, contributing to a more sustainable environment.


Cloud migration enables businesses to easily scale their IT resources up or down according to demand, thus enhancing flexibility and efficiency.

  • Dynamic Resource Allocation – Quickly adjust capacity based on current needs and demand, avoiding overprovisioning and underutilisation.
  • Grow with Speed – Focus on large-scale growth opportunities and customer acquisition, without worrying about the scalability of your IT infrastructure.
  • Engineered for Quality – Rest easy knowing that your system is regularly maintained and updated through world-class providers.

Business Continuity

Ensures data and applications are always available and recoverable, even in the event of disasters or disruptions.

  • Disaster Recovery – Even if local hardware fails or a natural disaster occurs, operations can continue with minimal downtime.
  • Remote Access – Employees can access data stored in the cloud from anywhere, enabling remote work at an enterprise level.
  • Enhanced Security – By leveraging the advanced security measures of cloud providers, businesses gain far superior protection against cyber attacks.

How it works

Step 1

Initial Consultation

This stage is about understanding your business model, objectives, IT infrastructure, specific needs, and concerns related to cloud migration. We will present an overview of the process, explore potential benefits, estimate costs and discuss your expectations.

Step 2

Assessment and Planning

At this point, we create a comprehensive migration strategy based on the initial chat. This strategy will include selecting a cloud service provider, deciding on a cloud architecture, identifying which workloads to move and in what order, and determining detailed costs and timelines.

Step 3

Migration Execution

We will now set up the cloud environment, modify or re-architect applications as needed, and begin the migration process. The execution phase includes comprehensive testing to ensure each migrated application functions correctly in the new environment. You’ll get regular updates to key stakeholders throughout the whole process.

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