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Resiliency Services

High cost and risk associated with downtime is an ever growing concern. How you design your resiliency, operate and recover will help ensure continuity of services and build sustained competitive advantage.

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Resiliency Services made simple.

Use the latest AWS Services to tackle immediate priorities around resiliency to reduce service disruptions.

Work closely with our customers to push the boundaries by looking at ways to reduce risk, lower cost, and improve time to recover and security by identifying and resolving issues before they occur in production.

We help you find opportunities to improve processes, validate and track workload resilience to reduce outages.

Services we offer

  • Establishing RPO and RTO Targets and SLA’s for Cloud Applications
  • Implement automation to replace components automatically when they fail
  • Design and Implement solutions in multiple AWS Regions and Availability Zones
  • Architecture design and configuration for critical workloads sensitive to unplanned downtime
  • Plan and design for recovery, should the worst case scenario become a reality
  • Resiliency design, operations and Recovery DevOps, CI/CD automation
  • Design and build systems to recover from a failure induced by load, attacks, and failures
  • Implementation of Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Reporting and Continuous Auditing to proactively manage impacts to the business
  • Understand the components and objectives needed to secure highly resilient systems using security best practices

What's included?

When it comes to designing resilience on AWS solutions, we know what we’re doing. We’ll help you implement the ideal solution to optimises: cost, security, operational effort and environmental impact for your business and maximise the reliability performance of your AWS workloads. We can help you look at the wider needs of your business such as:

Business impact analysis to determine criticality of applications and ensure compliance to RTO/RPO and/or SLAs.

Application and Platform real time visibility of risk, controls and data across operations.

Regulatory Compliance: a holistic approach on how to meet a diverse and often unique range of regulatory requirements.

Environmental impact – An increased deployment footprint for resilient systems may increase your consumption of cloud resources.

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