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Virtual Desktop Implementation

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Virtual Desktop Implementation enables businesses to scale their operations seamlessly, accommodating growth or contraction with ease.

  • Proactive Risk Identification – By scanning continuously, it’s akin to having a 24/7 security guard for your operations, always on the lookout and ready to alert you to any suspicious activities.
  • Cost Management – Scalability in a virtual desktop environment allows for efficient cost management, as businesses only need to invest in additional resources when required, preventing the over-provisioning or underutilisation of resources.
  • IT Workload Reduction – The scalability of virtual desktops reduces the workload on IT teams, as they can easily adjust the IT infrastructure to align with changing business needs, freeing up time and resources for more strategic tasks.

Operational Resilience

Virtual Desktop Implementation bolsters operational resilience by maintaining business continuity even in the face of disruptions or disasters.

  • Disaster Recovery – With data and applications housed centrally, virtual desktops can be restored quickly following a disaster, minimising downtime and preventing data loss.
  • Remote Accessibility – Ensure that employees can access their workstations from anywhere, enabling business continuity and increased flexibility for staff.
  • Redundancy – The ability to duplicate and distribute virtual desktop environments across multiple servers or locations provides a layer of redundancy, further enhancing resilience by ensuring no single point of failure./h5>


Virtual Desktop Implementation significantly enhances security, centralising data and implementing robust safeguards against potential threats.

  • Centralised Data – Data is stored centrally, reducing the risk of data loss from physical theft or damage to individual devices, and simplifying data breach control and response.
  • Improved Control – Consistent application of security policies and updates across all desktops, enhancing control over system security and ensuring all users are compliant with security protocols.
  • Advanced Security Measures – Ability to implement encryption, multi-factor authentication, and intrusion detection systems, and other additional layers of protection against cyber threats.

How it works

Step 1

Plan & Design

This initial phase involves understanding the organisation’s needs, defining the project scope, identifying required hardware and software resources, determining security needs, and preparing a detailed implementation plan. A key component will be the design considerations for the virtual desktop environment (such as deciding between a persistent or non-persistent setup), and understanding user needs and usage scenarios.

Step 2


This phase involves setting up the necessary infrastructure, installing and configuring software, creating the virtual desktops, and integrating them with existing systems and data. Thorough testing will be completed during this phase to ensure everything works as expected before the system goes live. It also includes setting up security measures, backup systems, and disaster recovery plans.

Step 3

Management & Optimisation

After the virtual desktops have been deployed, the focus shifts to managing and optimising the system. This includes monitoring performance, troubleshooting issues, updating and patching software, and adjusting resources as needed to ensure optimal performance. We can handle this ourselves, or train up your team for our departure.

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