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Harness the power of innovation to drive the future of your business.

We encourage organisations to embrace a culture of innovation to create a competitive advantage and drive meaningful growth.

Innovation drives competitive advantage and meaningful growth.
Mantel Group can help you embrace innovation at scale.

A co-innovation journey

Co-create value

We have a tried-and-tested approach to achieving impact at scale with our clients. We embrace our clients as true partners and encourage a relationship focused on effectively co-creating value.

Co-invest in solutions

We believe in sharing the risk and value upside with our clients When ideas and concepts are at their highest levels of uncertainty, we co-invest with our clients upfront to de-risk the successful outcomes.

Deliver measurable results

We focus on creating partnerships that deliver real, measurable results. If we don't believe an idea or concept will create tangible results, then we don't do it.

How we work

Step 1

Ideation & Validation

As a team, we conduct thorough research encompassing your company, customers, competition, technological infrastructure, business processes, and organisational needs.

Through a range of methods, we’ll identify gaps & opportunities, and align to strategic business goals.

Step 2


We co-design and execute small-scale experiments or pilot projects to test the viability and desirability of selected concepts in a real-world setting.

Clear success criteria and key performance indicators (KPIs) are defined to measure the impact and effectiveness of the experiments. Results are documented and shared to inform an implementation plan.

Step 3


We work together with you to implement the new solution into your live business environment, incorporating new touchpoints and processes. Simultaneously, we provide essential training, change management, and support structures for your team to effectively deliver measurable results.

Upon implementation, ongoing performance evaluations and adjustments are conducted to guarantee continuous improvement and optimisation, delivering the highest level of efficiency and productivity for your organisation.

Our capabilities

We are a team of entrepreneurs and innovators. Our entrepreneurial experience, tools and mindset have helped some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading companies address a range of complex challenges.

We apply our venture building and startup mindset to …

Establish & expand innovation capabilities

Increase efficiencies and profitability

Diversify business models and enable growth

We know platforms like they’re our own

Innovating is in our DNA

Our team of experienced venture builders and problems solvers work with you to explore new markets, technologies or business models.

Rob Mackay

Data Leader

Jane Nguyen

Partner, Digital