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Security Audit

A cyber security audit provides a comprehensive evaluation of your organisation’s security infrastructure, promoting transparency, maintaining compliance, and improving overall security posture.

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Risk Identification

Systematically uncover potential vulnerabilities in your organisation’s security posture that could be easily exploited by malicious entities.

  • Threat Detection – This could involve identification of unsecured networks, weak security protocols, or potential threats from disgruntled employees, allowing you to address them before they escalate.
  • System Vulnerabilities – Uncover weaknesses in your IT systems and infrastructure. Most often this includes outdated software, unpatched servers, or insufficient access control.
  • Policy and Procedure Gaps – Identifying potential behavioural or rule-based changes ensures that you have strong, comprehensive policies in place, effectively minimising human error and misuse.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure that your organisation adheres to all the relevant regulations and standards, thus protecting it from potential legal and financial repercussions.

  • Regulatory Compliance – Security audits help confirm that your organisation is compliant with Australia-specific regulations such as the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and any industry-specific regulations, like APRA’s CPS 234 for financial institutions. Non-compliance could result in severe penalties from the OAIC.
  • Standard Adherence – Verify adherence to cybersecurity standards like the Australian Signals Directorate’s Essential Eight or ISO 27001. Following these recognised standards not only improves your security posture but also signals to customers, partners, and investors that you prioritise and uphold robust security measures.
  • Policy Enforcement – By ensuring that internal security policies align with compliance requirements, security audits cultivate a culture of compliance within the organisation. This reduces the risk of accidental non-compliance by employees and guarantees uniformity across the board.

Improved Customer Trust

By illustrating your dedication to best-practice security protocols, you amplify trust in your organisation’s ability to safeguard sensitive information.

  • Transparency – Regular security audits and openly discussing the results provides a clear window into your business operations, revealing your dedication to openness and integrity.
  • Data Protection – Customers feel reassured knowing that stringent steps are being taken to protect their personal and financial information, enhancing their trust and loyalty.
  • Reputation – Consistent security audits not only ensure high-level security but also contribute significantly to your brand’s credibility. High-performing brands prioritise security for a reason, and not doing so can harm your reputation.

How it works

Step 1


Initially, we engage closely with your team to delve into the specific workings of your company. By understanding your unique systems, operations, and processes, we can customise the scope of our audit, set clear objectives, and pinpoint key stakeholders. This crucial step allows us to conduct an in-depth review of your current security protocols, system architecture, data procedures, and more before proceeding to the execution phase.

Step 2


Moving on to the execution phase, we systematically implement the audit plan. This encompasses a variety of tasks: from scrutinising system configurations, scanning for vulnerabilities, and evaluating security controls, to potentially performing penetration tests and examining your physical security measures. Our objective is to expose any weaknesses, compliance issues, or potential threats that could impact your organisation.

Step 3


In the final phase, we compile and present a detailed report on our audit findings. We outline discovered vulnerabilities, areas of non-compliance, and risks, coupled with suggested corrective actions. Beyond just presenting these findings, we extend our service to provide guidance on implementing these recommendations, keeping a vigilant eye on your progress, and ensuring an enhancement in your overall security posture.

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