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Copilot for M365 Readiness Accelerator

The future of productivity with confidence

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What is the Copilot for M365
Readiness Accelerator?

Generative AI has arrived in the enterprise landscape with Copilot for M365, a cutting-edge tool that’s transforming how organisations do business. Copilot isn’t just about task automation; it’s about unlocking productivity gains. Teams around the world are experiencing a new era of efficiency, leaving behind manual data gathering and comprehension, and enhancing decision-making processes.

The accessibility of Copilot for M365 has never been greater, breaking down barriers for organisations to begin their AI journey. However, it’s essential to understand that this isn’t a mere plug-and-play solution. To truly harness Generative AI’s potential, strategic preparation is vital. This involves seamlessly integrating advanced capabilities into your existing systems, and ensuring your data is only surfaced securely, to the right audiences.

Mantel Group’s Copilot for M365 Readiness Accelerator is specifically designed to help businesses prepare for the productivity gains of generative AI.

What are the Business Challenges?

Data Security

  • Copilot for M365 will quickly and easily surface only the organisational data that a user has access to, but sometimes that user should actually have access to that data.

User Adoption

  • Promotion and rollout of any new service to end users can be difficult and must be handled in a manner that ensures a high adoption rate and overall success. Hand in hand with this is an understanding of licensing costs and user personas, ensuring the right people are empowered to extract maximum value from the tools.


  • Determination of which sources of data outside of the M365 ecosystem can and should be integrated with Copilot, to benefit from the same AI intelligence, even if the data is outside the M365 stack.

Why use the Copilot for M365
Readiness Accelerator?

Proceed with confidence

Know before you begin rollout what data will be surfaced when Copilot is active in your environment. Assess readiness across integrated systems and gain certainty that your people are empowered, without creating risk.

Understand the gap

Gain insight into where your data resides, and how it will be surfaced. Understand the benefit of performing data migrations from non-indexed sources before day one.

Ensure successful adoption

Ensure your users are provided with the right collateral to begin the Copilot journey with user-targeted education and identified champions.

What are the outcomes of the Copilot for
M365 Readiness Accelerator?

  • Data assessment report: An understanding of where your data resides in your organisation, how it is secured and provisioned, and what will be consumable by Copilot upon activation.
  • Enablement plan: An actionable report of the steps that must be taken to enable Copilot safely and securely in your organisation.
  • Rollout plan: An assessment of the best way to empower your user base, based on personas and cost considerations.

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