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CPS 230 Consulting

Empowering Resilience and Compliance in Financial Services

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At Mantel Group, we understand the evolving landscape of regulatory compliance in the financial services industry. With the upcoming APRA CPS230 standard, set to reshape operational resilience and risk management, we’re here to guide you through this journey with expertise and innovation.

Our Approach to CPS230 Compliance

Critical Operations Analysis

We delve deep into your critical business processes, leveraging our expertise in technology, data, and service provider management. Our focus is on enhancing the rigor and detail in your operations, ensuring clarity and compliance with CPS230.

Enhanced Business Continuity Management

Recognising the importance of robust business continuity plans, we work with you to rigorously test and refine these plans. Our approach aligns with the elevated expectations of CPS230, ensuring your organisation is prepared for a range of scenarios.

Service Provider Arrangement Management

We expand our focus beyond material outsourcing to encompass all significant service provider arrangements. Our team assists in maintaining a complete and accurate register of your service providers, aligning with CPS230’s comprehensive approach.

Operational Risk Management Reinforcement

Building on existing frameworks, we offer a more prescriptive approach to managing operational risks, including risk profiling, control testing, and incident management.

Governance and Senior Management Engagement

CPS230 places a renewed emphasis on the role of senior management in operational risk management. We support your leadership team in gaining a holistic view of business processes and refining oversight mechanisms.

Board-Level Accountability and Oversight

With boards playing a crucial role in operational risk management, we provide guidance on enhancing board oversight mechanisms to meet CPS230’s explicit expectations.

APRA Reporting and Compliance

Our team assists in meeting the revised reporting requirements focused on operational risk incidents and critical operation disruptions, ensuring your organisation’s compliance with APRA’s standards.

Tailored Solutions for Your CPS230 Journey

At Mantel Group, we don’t just offer consulting services; we partner with you to integrate CPS230 compliance into your organisation’s DNA. Our tailored solutions, grounded in our extensive experience in cyber security, risk assessments, and governance, ensure a seamless transition to the new standard.

Prepare for CPS230 with Mantel Group – where compliance meets innovation.

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