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At Mantel Group, the choice is yours.

When it comes to data there’s five brands to choose from. Whether you’re cloud agnostic, and looking to work with a new data platform like Databricks or wanting to work exclusively on Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure – Mantel Group is for you.

Choose the data engineering role that’s best for you.

Hear from our Data Engineers

“I get to choose when and how often I have to sit in traffic. I can work where I am the most productive. Kasna has tons of exciting data engineering projects and a variety of clients. You’ll be challenged, never get bored and my colleagues support me every step of the way.

Favourite tech at the moment?
It would have to be BigQuery. It is super powerful and fast. You can even query your data directly from json files.”

Louise SmitSenior Data Engineer at Kasna

“I get to work on end to end data projects in different business domains including scope to transition into ML engineering / Databricks consulting. I have the opportunities to create my own career path including innovation programs, certification guidance and specific tech stack based projects.

Favourite tech at the moment?
DBT because it gives me a chance to engineer data models and also gain business understanding while doing it.”

Adithya NarjalaSenior Data Engineer at CMD

“Being able to work wherever and whenever I want means that I get to spend more quality time with my kids. Working with a bunch of different clients that require a variety of skills and technologies to achieve their outcomes never gets boring!

Favourite tech at the moment?
IntelliJ, or any Jetbrains IDE, but IntelliJ at the moment because I spend a lot of time in Java - it does everything and it does it really well!”

Goran StojkoskiData Engineer at Eliiza

Benefits of working at Mantel Group

Flexible Leave

We offer Flexible Leave for those times in our team’s life when they need extra support

Careers Paths

We have detailed career paths, mapping out each role in each brand and the learning pathways between them


Technology Pioneers is our dna. We want to be the first to identify technology that will matter to our clients in the future.


Corporate social responsibility programs that make an impact on our local community, including providing opportunities for underrepresented minority groups.


We don’t do performance reviews, rather we set clear expectations and give honest feedback. Our team provides us and each other with feedback through retros and pulse surveys.


We support our team’s wellbeing through flexible health leave, flu shots, counselling services, dietitian, financial advice and more.

Passion Projects

Time to spend on individual passion projects such as VinOT and Pitbox. In 2019, our people spent a total of 42,337 hours on passion projects and L&D.

My Deal

Unique approach providing each team member with individualised benefits, work arrangements, time and two way feedback with their leader.

No policies or procedures

We hire smart people and get out of their way. By focusing on our five principles and not getting caught up in red tape, we trust you to get the job done.

Team before profits

We prioritise the culture and team way before revenue, profits, and margins. Having this approach helps guide decisions and without a doubt, if you have the foundations right, these decisions will go hand in hand – what is right for culture, is right for the business.

Latest tech

You’ll get all the tools you need – a new iPhone or Google Pixel, a new Macbook Pro or Dell, and loads of branded swag!

Our Brands

Five of our brands offer data engineering roles at all levels across a huge range of tools and languages – plus our career pathways means you can specialise in a new area without leaving Mantel Group.

Brand that harnesses the power of AI

Learn more

Dedicated Databricks consultancy

Learn more

Home to AWS experts.

Learn more


Pemier Google solutions partner

Learn more

Microsoft solutions specialist brand.

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Data Engineering taught by the experts

Are you an experienced IT professional who has been working with data for some time or are strong at software engineering and are looking to expand experience into data and modern cloud native data technologies? If this sounds like you – then LearnData is for you!

LearnData is an online, full-time and paid program for people who want to take their data career to the next level by up skilling with an 8-week intensive data engineering learning program to fast track their career.

Upon completion of the LearnData program, you will have a permanent role at one of our data brands – Aginic, CMD Solutions, Cuusoo, Eliiza or Kasna!

Hear from more of our Data Engineers

“With a wide variety of resources and experts, learning is always part of my role. I feel endlessly lucky to land in Mantel Group, where I am surrounded by people who love what they do and are awesome at it - and have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Favourite tech at the moment?
I can’t point to exactly one tool but working with such a strong focus on GCP has given me the opportunity to explore so many different technologies surrounded by GCP experts.”

Elaine GaoData Engineer at Kasna

“I deal with a myriad of big data problems everyday and I’m always working on something new. I felt inferior when I started because I was surrounded by very talented people. Now I no longer feel that way because working with them was actually the pivotal moment of my growth!

Favourite tech at the moment?
Apache Beam. You can execute Beam pipelines on Cloud Dataflow (a fully managed service) to allow you to process large data at scale.”

Jeffrey UngData Engineer at Kasna

“Being asked the types of industries that I’d prefer not to work in is really important to me and value that Mantel Group has the flexibility to offer the choice. I’m constantly learning new frameworks and love that continuous learning is encouraged and heavily invested in.

Favourite tech at the moment?
DBT and Airflow”

Linus McManameyData Engineer at Eliiza


Through our dedicated brand partnerships, you’re able to work solely on one cloud platform or across them all.