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December 31, 2023
4:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Mantel Group Melbourne Office
Level 2, 452 Flinders St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

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[Callout of speakers, sponsors, guests] Join us for an enlightening evening with the Co- Founder and CEO of Soda, Maarten Masschelein, a platform with a modern approach to data quality management with data quality testing, enabling everyone to deliver trustworthy, high-quality data for business success.

Benefits of Event:

  • Improved end-to-end data quality
  • Self-serve data testing
  • Integrated into your entire data stack

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4:30 PM : Arrivals
Welcoming arrivals and making introductions.

4:45 – 5:15 PM : Presentation on Modern Data Quality Management
A short presentation on the importance of a modern approach to data quality management. Data quality management is absolutely vital as it allows organisations to have a comprehensive understanding of the health and performance of their data. This is essential for ensuring that data is accurate, reliable, and consistent, which is critical for making informed decisions, driving business growth and complying with regulations.

5:15 – 6:00 PM : Soda Product Showcase
See Soda’s modern approach to data quality management in action. During this showcase, you’ll witness how to prevent downstream issues and improve pipelines; implement self-serve data testing with SodaGPT and SodaCL; and integrate end-to-end data quality from ingestion to consumption

6:00 – 7:30 PM : Drinks
Time to Relax! Discuss data with some of the most interesting commercial and technical minds in the space.

Reserve your spot now to ensure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders.

This agenda may be subject to change.

For any inquiries, please contact /name/.

Join us for an exclusive executive lunch where industry thought leaders, executives, and experts will gather to delve into the critical topic of data security. In today’s data-driven landscape, organizations face the challenge of driving data innovation while ensuring the privacy and protection of sensitive information.

During this engaging event, we will explore innovative strategies and engage in lively discussions on how to balance the drive for data innovation with robust data security measures. Our esteemed panel of speakers will share their insights, experiences, and best practices, providing attendees with actionable takeaways to implement within their organisations.


12:00 – 12:30: Welcome and drinks
Mingle with fellow executives, industry experts, and thought leaders. Take this opportunity to connect, share ideas, and expand your professional network.

12:30: Opening Remarks
Our host will set the stage for the lunch, highlighting the importance of data security in today’s business landscape and introducing the key themes of the event.

12:30 – 1:00: Panel Discussion: Balancing Data Innovation and Privacy Protection
Whilst lunch is served, we will dive into a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring esteemed industry experts. Explore the challenges and opportunities that arise when leveraging data for innovation while ensuring privacy and protection. Gain valuable insights into strategies for embedding data security as a fundamental aspect of organizational culture.

1:00-2:30: Enjoy a delicious meal while continuing the conversations sparked by the panel discussion. Network with fellow attendees, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections.

2:30 PM – 3:00 PM: Closing Remarks and Key Takeaways
Wrap up the afternoon with closing remarks, highlighting the key insights and takeaways from the event. Reflect on the discussions and leave with actionable strategies to drive data innovation while safeguarding privacy and data protection within your organization.

Reserve your spot now to ensure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and shape the future of data-driven, but resilient enterprises.

Note: This agenda is subject to change.

Reserve your spot now to ensure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders.

For any inquiries, please contact /name/.

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This event is hosted by Mantel Group, an Australian-owned technology-led consulting business that combines depth of specialisation and breadth of capability.

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