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Microsoft Security Accelerator

Empowering defences, before breaches

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What is the Microsoft
Security Accelerator?

Security becomes a major focus for organisations at one of two times; either before, or after a breach occurs. Reactive approaches have cost Australian businesses billions of dollars in reputation management, forensic analysis and belated deployment of security protocols. Mantel Group’s Microsoft Security Accelerator helps you take a proactive approach to your security posture.

The modern Microsoft security suite addresses many security concerns of today’s organisations, including data loss prevention, application control, end-point detection and response, automated remediation of security concerns, and deployment and configuration of security configurations to end-point devices.

Mantel Group’s Microsoft Security Accelerator works alongside your IT and security teams to implement base controls using Microsoft’s XDR security suite, to implement Essential 8 controls and guidelines, or other security frameworks applicable to your industry. Mantel Group will uplift the internal teams, providing education and collateral to ensure your security posture grows faster than the threat landscape can evolve.

What are the Business Challenges?

  • Un-trusted end-points: Everyone has a work-from-home policy today, and workforces are empowered to access business information on a plethora of devices. It’s crucial to understand, secure, and integrate these devices into your security strategy for maximum productivity and security.
  • Limited visibility: Organisations that have some controls deployed may suffer from limited visibility of the ongoing security posture of those devices. Oftentimes, several different tools are in play, reporting data back to separate portals or teams, therefore limiting the option for holistic security posture views.
  • Poor access controls: Are all access points monitored? Do your controls cater for impossible travel, or risk-based profiles during sign-in? Does everyone use two-factor authentication at a minimum? Organisations typically have basic controls on tools like Conditional Access, creating exploitable vulnerabilities.

Why use the Microsoft Security Accelerator?

Understand your Security Posture

Our team will work with yours to understand your overall security posture, reporting on areas of concern, and creating road-maps to an overall uplifted security posture, aligning with industry-specific frameworks or the Australian Signals Directorate Essential 8.

Surface the Signals

Roll out tools to endpoints, and cloud resources to surface signals on security threats. A well-understood and monitored landscape can be secured, responded to and addressed.

Uplift your Internal Teams

Bring security to the front of mind for your IT and security teams. Empower your teams with dashboards, and views and make security an everyday workflow, rather than simply responding to threats after a breach.

What are the outcomes of the
Microsoft Security Accelerator?

  • A Secure Baseline: Leveraging Microsoft’s XDR suite of tools, available through E5 licensing, creates a strong security baseline across the organisation utilising Microsoft Intune, Sentinel, and Defender for Cloud Apps, Cloud, Identity, Office and Endpoint.
  • A Security Culture: Uplift the skills and tools available to IT and security administrators to make security the first thought, rather than a post-breach panic. Live and breathe task automation and measuring posture through tools like Secure Score.
  • Assessment and Roadmap: The Mantel Group team will provide a detailed report on your security posture and gaps, visualising a roadmap to compliance with your chosen frameworks. We will detail the items addressed during the accelerator engagement, and how to succeed as a security-focused organisation moving forward.

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